Dancing With the Stars, Season 19, Week 3, Movie Night

Movie night on Dancing With the Stars opens first with a montage noting which movies various stars will be paying tribute to tonight, followed by an opening number with multiple Marilyn Monroes, and multiple…baseball players(okay, don’t get that one at all).  Then guest judge Kevin Hart gets to dance out before taking his seat(he gets to do some hand-jiving to promote an upcoming film a little later).  We are then reminded that this is the first one-night week of the season, and we also learn why there wasn’t a bottom two announced last week: because there will be an elimination this week, which essentially means the other pair that was in it last week will go at the night’s end.

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 19, Week 2, Results Show

Our second results show of the season starts with a brief recap and a brief opening number involving mirrors.  Then they get to the matter of the encore dance right away this time-only for the judges to declare they can’t decide between Janel & Val and Lea & Artem, and we viewers are invited to vote for it on Twitter.

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 19, Week 2, My Jam Monday

It’s My Jam Monday, where the celebrities get to pick their favorite song to dance to.  So do the judges; the opening number gets all four of them the chance to do some moves to their favorite songs, including Bruno dancing to “Born This Way,” because of course he does.  Then come the competitive jams:

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Still mourning over no more NHL 24/7 on HBO

Seriously, HBO, why couldn’t you have agreed to do the Caps again? They’ve had plenty of changes made since 2011; couldn’t you have found that interesting to examine?
Yes, there’s going to be two sets of 24/7 series done on some obscure TV network that nobody gets, and we may even all watch the clips from that on YouTube. But do you really expect that to be produced with half the skill that HBO has done it with? With closes like this one, which ended what was arguably the least impressive of the three seasons?

If they have any sanity, they’ll at least do all they can to get Liev Schreiber to narrate their own series. But I’m not holding my breath even for that.

Farewell, Li Na

Seems only yesterday since she broke through to the top and then won the French.
And certainly there’ll be other Chinese women still in tennis, women whose presence are her legacy us. Her first successor might have even just arrived at the US this year. But it doesn’t seem likely any of them will have the story or the humour of her. Those are much harder to find.