Watching Two Trailers

This one, at least, got me excited:

Evening without the singing, one can quickly identify the music of Sondheim in the background.

But seeing the 50 Shades of Grey trailer got me depressed.  There is so much well-written fanfic in the world, which I’ve found in fandoms from Lord of the Rings to Pokemon.  There are even some very good alternate realities I’ve run into, though they’re harder to pull off well.  Why was it this piece of drek that got made into a bestseller and now gets to have a movie adaptation made which has such a remarkably well-done trailer?  It’s tragic.  Well, that and that Cassandra Cla(i)re is such a success with her YA series, but that’s fandom’s own fault; even when she was exposed it proved too little too late, and she has essentially gotten away with plagiarism.

At least there’s still Noami Novik.  Hey, Mr. Jackson, when you’re done with this Hobbit craziness, could you look into that Temeraire  series you optioned a decade or so back?

Citi Open Qualifiers

Went to watch the second and final round of qualifying for the Citi Open Sunday, bringing an umbrella because I expected rain, only to use it against the sun and still get horribly sunburnt.  At least it mean the tennis was uninterrupted, although there was a very light brief drizzle around 11.  There were six men’s matches and four women’s matches played that day(there was also a doubles match scheduled, but it ended up being a walkover), in the main stadium and two grandstand courts, and the tennis lasted about seven hours.

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More Marvelverse News

So it seems Lucy Lawless is going to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, one that produced no character results when I googled the name, so I assume her character was be one unique to the Marvel movieverse.  But the description of her as always keeping a knife handy indicates someone who might have been a little non-comformist in S.H.I.E.L.D., and then be slow to take any orders from Coulson now, and perhaps would object also the presence of the mercenary comic character whose existence in the movieverse was also announced yesterday.

And meanwhile it seems she’s not the only female S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Coulson might rounding up, with the declaration that Bobbi Morse exists in this universe and is allied with S.H.I.E.L.D.  However, that announcement makes me think of the earlier one by Joss Whedon, that we will have four major female characters in Age of Ultron.  Obviously Natasha Romanov and Wanda Maximoff account for two, and Maria Hill’s a safe bet for the third.  But who’s the fourth?  The only other female character we have confirmed is Peggy Carter, and she really might be too old for that now.  Given what we know about the plot, the most logical fourth character would arguably be Pepper Potts, but if so, why wasn’t she on the cast list released already?  But it would explain everything is if it’s actually Bobbi, and they didn’t announce it earlier because they wanted to save the news of her coming into the universe for this weekend.  Although I’m not sure how I feel about that, if only as a Clintasha shipper.  Also as someone who wonders if the Avengers could get too big for all the characters to be handled within a single film.

Also, where was BJ Britt during the panel yesterday, and really, why is Triplett not in the promotions?  I’m starting to wonder more and more if he sticks with the team.  We know he won’t be killed off before AOU, at least(of course, they might just kill him then, which would be really sad).

Lucy Lawless!

We’re starting to get news about who’s going to show for the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but I think so far this one is the biggest headline.  Although maybe she’ll only be in one episode and we’ll all of us get hyped up for nothing.  But otherwise, who does she play?  An Asgardian would be casting to type, but we’ve had that on the show already.  Some other ideas that occur to me:

Another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent left at odds when the organization imploded; there are probably some around, and Coulson would do well to gather them up.  Maybe a higher-ranking one who might not relish a former subordinate being in charge of her; that might be interesting.  Heck, maybe even one who’d had some sort of relationship with Victoria Hand, which might be a nice way of acknowledging her having been a LGBT character, as well as bring one on to the show still alive(but there’s a question then as to whether Lawless will stick around for the entire series; it might not suit her to, and then her character might get killed off), and then maybe not be too happy if Ward shows any signs of possibly being redeemed.

Skye’s mother.  This could potentially be casting her to type too.  Then the primary question is if she’s still with Skye’s father and a villain, not with Skye’s father but still a villain, or not a villain.  I here repeat my comments that I’d love to see her team up with Melinda May’s mother, at least if she’s not a villain.  If we bring in such an actress playing the mother, though, that probably automatically makes her important, potentially more important that Skye’s father(unless, again, she’s only around for one episode and then gets killed or something).  But if she’s a villain, Skye would still probably reject her, and then there might be a few episodes of her not taking no for answer….

A member of Rising Tide.  I’m not sure how I feel about Skye’s boyfriend coming back(especially if it generates a full-blown shipper war the fandom so far has been fortunate enough to avoid), but the organization coming back and having a part to play definitely makes sense, especially considering they were kind of right about S.H.I.E.L.D.  Perhaps she could even be someone high-up in it, the person they send to negotiate with Coulson, with Miles just accompanying her.  In that role I think she could make a very good foil for him.   Hopefully she won’t spend too much time being smug, though, if only because that would probably turn the audience against her.

In any case, we’re all looking forward to her.  Let’s hope the writers don’t blow her role.

That was quick

Apparently Nate Bartholomay is now skating with Gretchen Donlan, one of the few ladies who went on the pairs market early in the summer still available.  At this point you want your partner chosen and the process of preparing for your first season together started, so it’s good he didn’t linger at the search.  The success of that partnership, unfortunately, is probably going to hinge on her jumping ability, which will perhaps always be suspect(and the tech controllers may automatically take a close look at her rotations for the rest of her career).

And meanwhile, it looks like the inevitably  might be happening: the French federation is being the French federation and refusing to release Massot, although to be fair, he and Popova did win a Senior B last season, so other federations might have held him to.  But the current French government is not going to give Aliona Savchenko citizenship, and it’s hard to believe the German federation would release her, even to get rid of Steuer.  And even if she’s willing to stick it out, well, the way he ran out on Popova for her doesn’t make it look like he won’t run out on her too, if they can’t be sure if they’ll ever be able to compete internationally.

Outside pairs news, can there be video somewhere of Francesca Chiera skating to “Luna”?  I really want to see that.

Debris of Pairs Fields

With the latest high-profile break-up in pairs being confirmed today, I think we might go back and revisit the previous season’s standings, and see who’s still together and who’s split.  To try to get a big picture of pairs without going crazy, I am including the top 15 from the Olympics, then three more pairs who weren’t in Sochi but were at Worlds and finished in the top 15 there, and then, for good measure, all the other pairs that finished in the top five at U.S., Canadian, or Russian Nationals.

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