Dancing With the Stars, Season 18, Week 5, Disney Night

So everyone’s back to together to the tune of Disney music(I’m not kidding; they have a montage of pairs reunited to “Circle of Life” before the first commercial break!), and we have a DWTS version of the Disney logo opening the show, and an opening Disney medley before guest judge Donny Osmond is introduced, and his history with Disney elaborated on(Osmond brothers were originally discovered by old Walt, and he’s voiced a role in Mulan).  He actually ends up observing early on he can’t really judge the technique, though, so his marks will be largely performance based.  Also he and Bruno make plenty of allusions to the wild embrace they shared back during his winning season, until Tom threatens to separate them.  Then the first two couples are called safe & perform:

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Switch-Up Week Wasn’t Just on Dancing With the Stars

I admit I’ve been kind of distracted with the events of the Marvel Movieverse this week, but I did notice the Great Russian Partner Swap  People are lamenting the demise of Ilinykh/Katsalapov especially, but I can’t help but wonder if this’ll just make the Russian team stronger, especially if by isolating them I & K can both be broken of allegedly bad work ethic and/or their tendency to make stupid mistakes.  Then they both have the kind of lower-ranked partners that they are more likely to raise up to be brought down by.  Some goes for the pairs changes, at least assuming either the Estonian federation releases Zabijako or they ram the citizenship through quickly enough(though I think she and Larionov could easily lose out in Russia’s current deep field), and especially if Vasilisa Davankova can find a new partner somewhere(I hope she does, I really do).

Also, as I predicted back when they first gave notice of the change, a lot of skaters aren’t going to risk lyrics just yet.  We’ll still hear all our favorite warhouses next year, no doubt.  Though one wonders if it might filter in more through the next generation.

And the Marvel Universe Goes Crazy

Did indeed see Captain America: The Winter Soldier Saturday, which, in the end, made the remaining three days until last night’s episode even more of an agonizing wait, since now I knew what was at stake, and was pretty sure there was a traitor amoung the main six characters we’ve bonded with these past few months, and that was going to hurt.  In the end, I cracked and read spoilers about all traitors hours before the episode aired, though while watching before the reveals I still found it hard to believe what I’d read.  That’s good TV making.

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 18, Week 4, Switch-Up Week

They are certainly having fun with this switch gimmick: the opening number, which even gives all four judges(including guest judge Julianne Hough) a moment on the floor, is even to a certain Will Smith song called “Switch,” and has much switch-themed choreography.  The celebrities all come out alone(except Meryl & Charlie come out together), and we get a clarification that noone’s going home tonight, but scores will combine with last week’s, which is probably good because this is going to be crazy enough a night as it is, and we also learn partners will be announced over the course of the show(though the information was actually leaked beforehand):

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You Know What We Really Need a Constitutional Amendment For?

Getting the money out of politics and overriding a Supreme Court apparently willing to sell our democracy to the highest bidder?  That’s all well and good, but its concepts may go over the head of the average American.  But you know what wouldn’t?

Outlawing all political video commercials.  On TV, before the contents on internet video streaming websites & newsites, before cinematic features, also anywhere else anyone can thing of.  Maybe with a little clause at the end of the amendment to also ban them on any other media platforms that get invented in the future, though I suppose we might need to Supreme Court to turn more decent before said platforms are invented.

Think about it.  In the months before elections these days, especially those of us who live in swing areas, we are bombarded with political commercials, and one that usually try to raise people’s fears.  Too many of those and trying to watch your favorite TV shows potentially becomes trauma-inducing.  Want to watch anything on YouTube?  Too bad, you have to sit through scare-making 15-30 second commercials first, and if it leaves you unable to enjoy your videos due to the distraction, tough.  Seriously, in 2012 it got to the point I tried to avoid TV shows where the target audience could vote(thank heavens for Star Wars: Clone Wars), and even muted the anti-Romney commercials I agreed with, because it was simply too much.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who hated it.

This is the kind of amendment that would get huge public support.  It could practically be posed as being in the interest of public health.  It would remove one of the Koch brothers’ biggest weapons.

Of course, Congress probably still wouldn’t pass it, so…

Still thinking about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Mainly, how’s the timeline going to work next week?  Right now, after all, we left our heroes(aside from Simmonds anyway) on the plane taking a specific flight, and our villains ready to act the moment it lands.  That’s a few hours away at most.  The stinger appeared to be events taking place early in the plot of The Winter Soldier, but I’d be amazed if the events of the movie can plausibly happen within that time.  Surely at least part of next week’s episode will have to be concurrent with the movie.  It’s pretty much been established something’s going to happen during TWS which will impact the entire organization; will we see the impact late in the episode, or the week after(giving fans more time to see the movie)?

Hey, maybe it’ll all make sense once you’ve seen the movie.  One way or another, I’m definitely going Saturday, if only out of a burning desire to learn at least part of what happens next.