Watched some skating yesterday

I did miss a large chunk of the middle of the day, but from what I did say, I will say I enjoyed watching Sectionals a good deal more than Trophée Eric Bompard,especially the singles.  Although I missed the majority of the dance for both anyway, and about the only senior pair I saw at Sectionals was Castelli & Tran’s free.  Still amusing myself by the thought that they may well win Nationals, simply because it’s that wide open, though obviously they’d have to skate a lot cleaner there than they did this weekend.  My favorite performance to watch might have actually been Christina Cleveland, the girl who defied the odds to make Nationals out of Midwesterns.  Hope her long at Nationals doesn’t get embargoed.  Though I feel for Barbie Long, expected to make it and missing out by seven hundredths.

Everyone seems mad Maxim Kovtun won both of his events, and will very possibly be the highest-ranked man at the GPF, and I agree it is unfortunate, but what can you do?  He undisputedly deserved both golds.  But with a thick field at the Finale, it’s more likely a better man will step up and win there.

As for the American men, I don’t think we should expect anything big from any of them for a while.  It seems there are a zillion guys who could take over and take the top, and none who are actually likely to-it looked for a moment like Jason Brown might, but now that’s been thrown right back into doubt again.  Granted, it would be nice if Jeremy made it to Worlds and then put out his best and got onto the podium there, but he seems to have that odd-numbered year curse still working against him.

And for ladies, it’ll be interesting to see what Gracie does next win; unless Murakami skates a lot better than she did in China or Miyahara suddenly rotates everything, if she doesn’t win there’s really no excuse.  I don’t even know what to make of Ashley anymore.  The judges still seem to like her if her PCS are any indication, but the tech panels seem to have turned against her big time.  Now it’s up in the air whether she’s going to make the GPF, and I’m not sure if she wouldn’t be better off bunkering down at home and drilling her jumps aka Evan Lysacek in 2008.

Meanwhile, I’m starting to wonder if anyone can stop Elena R from winning the world title this year(or stop whichever three Russians go from sweeping, but there it’s more possible someone could have a bad skate, or Gold could put it together, or Ashley could rotate all the jumps again, or some other American or Japanese girl could have the competition of her life).  Though then again, it’s anyone’s guess what becomes of her next season.

Glad to see Ksenia Stolbova & Fedor Klimov switched to the French version of Notre Dame de Paris for skating in France, but could they please keep with it?  The English version of Tu Vas Me Detraite especially really should be used as little as possible.  Also part of me is a little disappointed Sui & Han didn’t take it after having such a great skate.

Oh, and while I gave up on the Warsaw Cup stream pretty quickly, yay for Lubov I & Dylan Moscovitch, winning their first event together!  With a small field, granted, but Fedorova & Miroshkin aren’t nobody.

Trophé Eric Bompard Predictions

Considered just doing one prediction for each field, but in the end decided to try to predicted all the podiums:

Men: Tatsuki Machida, Denis Ten, Richard Dornbush.  Yeah, predicting some shock for this one, but at least Dornbush has medaled on the circuit already.  I suppose Yan may recovered quicker from what happened in China than I’m thinking, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

Ladies: Elena Radionova, Ashley Wagner, Julia Lipnitskaia.  I continue to be an optimistic as possible when it comes to Ashley, and the way Julia truly seems to be struggling with her life in general at the moment really does make this one plausible enough.  Though I also suspect poor Samantha Cesario will come in fourth again and her fans will be livid.

Pairs: Stolbova & Klimov, Sui & Han, James & Cipres.  Although I think there are at least three teams that could win bronze as easily as the other two, but of them James & Cipres have home ice advantage.

Ice Dance: Papadakis & Cizeron, Gilles & Poirier, Hubbell & Donohue.  Although I regret that I don’t think Paul & Islam are going to medal, but lately they’ve been below Gilles & Poirier again.  At least they got ahead of them for the right season.

Dancing With the Stars, Season 19, Week 10, Semifinals, “Plugged/Unplugged Night”

It seems we are to have no more opening numbers on Dancing With the Stars; for the third week in a row we have only a montage, in this case one emphasizing Tommy’s presence as a wild card, and the introduction of the stars, although at least that includes some dancing.  We also hear that they’re doing Plugged/Unplugged Night, where the couples will first perform one style to dance to a recorded version of a song, than another style of dance to a live performance of the same song:

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The Metropolitan Opera: The Death of Klinghoffer

Ironically, back when we first saw The Death of Klinghoffer, the controversial opera on the 1985 hijacking of an Italian ship by four young Palestinian men and their murder of an elderly disabled Jewish American man who’d had nothing to do with Israel, on the Met’s HD broadcast schedule, my family wasn’t sure we’d even bother with it.  We’d seen Nixon in China and thought it all very well(although the clash of the real and surreal made it a bit odd as an opera), except that the dissonance-based score was headache-inducing.  But when certain people bullied the Met into taking it off the schedule, and my mom and I decided to weekend in New York, we decided what the hell, go see in person the opera certain people were trying to keep from us, and even booked our seats for the matinee show yesterday which would’ve been the transmitted performance, and instead ultimately became the final one.  So I have now seen the Met in person, discovered while box seats have their fun points they all have their disadvantage when it comes to the angles, and discovered that between his freshman and his sophomore work, John Adams showed himself to have a very definite modus operandi, and also as a pure composer reached a whole new level of achievement.  Also, even though I felt a headache coming on moments before curtain, between when the music started and the curtain call I noticed no pain at all-though that might have simply been how absorbing the opera was.

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In Remembrance

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, symbolizing 888,246 of the nearly ten million lives lost to mankind’s folly(if someone found a place big enough to set up that many poppies, would that really drive it home?).  At least nowadays few with sense actually think of war as a glorious, wanted thing, though thanks to the greed of some and the extremism of others it still run rampant.

Dancing With the Stars, Season 19, Week 9, “America’s Choice/Trio Night”

It’s America’s Choice week, which means that viewers voted to choose the dances and music for the couples this week.  For the second week in a row, there’s no opening number, but there is a result announced at the beginning: Tommy & Peta are safe!  That means there’s going to be a shock elimination, since none of the other five couples should really be going at all, but everyone runs to hug Tommy anyway, before the dances start.

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