Three More Thoughts After the Last Three Days

So now I would say there are officially two people left in the draw who can stop a Williams/Sharapova final, those being Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova themselves, and I honestly don’t see either of them doing it.  So guess that final’s going to be a boring one.

But while most of my predictions have gone kaplooie again, but well, recalling my crazy prediction about Belinda Bencic for Wimbledon, I’m suddenly wondering if maybe I was on the right track, just one slam off.  Hey, she could make the semis now.  If she can take out Angelique Kerber, I can’t help but feel she can take out Jelena Jankovic, and she can certainly take out whichever of Safarova or Peng makes that quarterfinal.

On the men’s side, my views have changed on nothing so far, expect that next year John Isner and Philipp Kohlschreiber really need to be on opposite sides of the draw, or at least in different quarters, because this is just getting cruel to poor Isman.

Three Thoughts About the US Open So Far

Between watching them both play so far and Mandy’s crazy leg issues, I would say I think this is going to be another Fedole final, except that I suspect that if I did, one or both of them would then have a bad day and crash out, and given some recent history they both have, it definitely seems too early to predict that yet.

I would also say that if this Catherine Bellis person reached the round of 16 and then beat Eugunie Bouchard in it, I was going to laugh, except I don’t think she needs the hype she’d get hit with then, especially when her ability to deal with that kind of pressure is as yet a complete unknown.  Though I suppose it would be nice for her to just reach the round of 16 anyway.

I will say I’m really sorry Serena and Kvitova are in the same half.  I think that might just have made for a very competitive final, provided neither got shocked beforehand.  Although perhaps Serena-Radwanska or Serena-Halep, could work, provided again Serena doesn’t get shocked, and Maria Sharapova doesn’t take out both the Pole and the Romanian.

Finally saved a new montage to video file

This was made with a program which I’m sure is capable of all sorts of cool transitions and effects, and I might even be ambitious enough to try to put them to use with my next vid.  But trying to get said program to do what I want stressed me out so much that for this first video made with it, I kept things very simple.  Still it took longer than I would’ve liked; I would have preferred to post a tribute to all the pairs that split up this summer during the off-season proper, which it isn’t really anymore, but I suppose it’s close enough.  Password is “splits”

splits from Isobel Moody on Vimeo.

Three Thoughts on the US Open Draw

I’m sorry, but Andy Murray landing in Novak Djokovic’s quarter just isn’t right.  Except that maybe it’s the tennis gods demanding a bit of payment out of Nole for his so often getting the cakewalk.  But then again, given their recent records, I wouldn’t assume they both make the quarters anyway, especially with poor Mandy having to get through Tsonga first!

My first reaction on hearing about the Serena-Taylor matchup was, of course, “Poor Taylor,” but now I’m reconsidering that.  Even after all else we’ve seen you can’t imagine Serena going down in the first, especially after doing so well in the US Open series, but at the same time, it doesn’t seem impossible.  At the very least, I think Townsend’s got a good shot at taking her to three sets and having a match she can be proud of.

Though when it comes to which first-round match will provide the most drama, my money is on Berdych-Hewitt.  Though Cilic-Baghdatis has potential too.

More dancing Groot!

Apparently as of early this month Marvel was “discussing for months” actually releasing a commercial toy. They’d be utter idiots if they didn’t. I’d buy one. Though one wonders if they fully realized just how popular that first stinger was going to be; they probably figured it would be loved, but did they anticipate this utter creative deluge?

More observations

In Quebec and Vancouver both, the best thing has been the ice dance. Although a year after spearheading the admittedly inevitable march of Love Never Dies into figure skating, it’s arguably daring of Nicole Orford and Thomas Williams to open up a Titanic free dance with a version of “My Heart Will Go On,” even if it’s a pretty piano one.  Although the opening of their free dance was when they were best, before they started to show fatigue, and if they can get their stamina up, the program will still be a treat to watch.

Speaking of Phantom of the Opera, also was able to watch Vancouver’s men’s free, and good to see Ronald Lam doing fairly well after what happened to him last year.  Did not see the other senior singles events at Vancouver, but if the scoring protocols are any indication, it doesn’t look like I missed much.  With more bad than good at Quebec last week too(though Balde was awesome), seriously hope for better in the singles at Thornhill.  It’ll be interesting to see whether Suguri shows anyway, though I’m afraid we can’t expect much from her.  A pity there’ll be less couples skating, though the two senior ice dance couples in Ontario should both be very much worth watching.

Canadian skaters continue to eschew their new vocals options.  Though while I haven’t watched much pattern dancing, I have noticed the lack of individual music choices, so I’m starting to wonder if the Canadian rules are different.

Another one!

They say they always die in threes, but I don’t think a day after losing Robin Williams, anybody was prepared to lose Lauren Bacall too! Currently rewatching clips of The Big Sleep, which I saw in film studies class and loved:

Loved her in Murder on the Orient Express too, but YouTube doesn’t seem to have the same kind of clips from that one.

Don’t want to think who might turn up dead tonight…