Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Mid-Season Thoughts: Skye & Calvin Zabo(but mostly Skye)

As I said in my Coulson/May entry, Coulson’s been the series’ primary protagonist, with Skye as secondary protagonist, but I think that might be about to change, at least for the rest of this season.  Which will make more people call her a Mary Sue, except I’m starting to agree with those that think she wouldn’t be getting that fan reaction were she male.  At the very least, after a rough start her story’s been very well done, and there’s no reason to think that will change in the upcoming episodes.

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Been Watching a Bunch of Strictly Come Dancing Videos

So far I’d say is my favorite:

Have watched a couple of Judy Murray’s, of course, but the problem is she simply isn’t that good a dancer, and my patience for watching bad dancers is limited.

And meanwhile, love seeing the Meryl & Maks reunion:

Can’t wait to see it properly on the air.


Met Opera Broadcasts: Il Nozze di Figaro & Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg

I fear the Met may not be broadcasting its best this year.  Granted, I’ve only seen two of their broadcasts so far this year(although this was partly because we had severe doubts about at least two more), but both were of pretty mediocre productions that displayed the Met’s reoccurring difficulty with going outside the box.  The results were actually somewhat different, but this was largely because of the quality of the two operas themselves.

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Watcha Thinkin’? Barcelona…

I have had this obscure Sondheim song stuck in my head for weeks. So now I’m posting it to get it stuck in a few other people’s heads too!

And for some last-minute scrambling before the Grand Prix Finale begins, a single prediction for each competition:

Senior Men: With Gracie Gold out, Maxim Kovtun will instead be the one to send my timeline lamenting by medaling. I don’t *think* he’ll win though…

Senior Ladies: Russian sweep. Face it, any chance of that not happening went out the door with Gracie. Ashley might beat one Russian if she’s lucky, but she won’t beat two until she starts rotating more jumps again, and Hongo has probably filled her Russian-beating quota for her first season on the senior level already.

Senior Pairs: Sui & Han will have another stunning competition, and lose to Stolbova & Klimov, causing much angry ranting about the Russians being favored, although I actually wouldn’t assume S&K will be undeserving, if only because if they’re perfect there’s no way they won’t be.

Senior Dance: I *really* want to say Weaver & Pojé will win, but I’m terrified of Chock & Bates. I definitely think they could win a segment again at least, though maybe not overall?

Junior Men: Roman Sadovsky will medal. Just because.

Junior Ladies: There will unexpectedly *not* be a Russian sweep. I’m not sure which Japanese girl will disrupt it, though I suppose if that does happen if may be by only a fraction of a point.

Junior Pairs: So I should probably predict the Russian sweep will happen here instead, though I’ve got the feeling Seguin & Bilodeau could come heartbreaking close to disrupting it.

Junior Dance: On the other hand, I’m willing to bet the Canadians go 2-3 here; I think if they got their levels the only team they wouldn’t outskate would be Yanovskaia & Mozgov.

Antoine Triplett, ?-2014

(Seriously, I couldn’t even find BJ Britt’s age, let alone his character’s. How little we knew ye.)

I may or may not blog some other thoughts on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. at the mid-season break at some point. But today, like everyone else, I’m still too busy mourning for a character I wish so badly they hadn’t killed off.

I also read today that they’re claiming they actually originally planned to kill him in the first season, and if that’s true, perhaps we need not be so angry. After all, not only did they in that case keep him longer than they intended to, but they certainly gave him a heroic end. But still, you wish they could’ve kept him longer still.
(I am also still clinging to the faint hope that the Age of Ultron thing wasn’t a false report and that the plot somehow involves him getting resurrected. The TV show characters don’t even necessarily have to know…)

ETA: Can’t figure out how to embed the video. Dammit.