New Song

So this is a song that had been one of my favorites back when it was on the radio all the time, and then years later I downloaded it from iTunes and learned it was from the soundtrack of an apparently bad Punisher movie. Which means that ever since said character was announced as being in the second season of Daredevil I’ve had it stuck in my head, so I am singing it out.

Agent Carter has become a tale of two women

Well, last week it seemed like Whitney Frost was someone in over her head with what she’d created and then absorbed, but it seems that didn’t last very long.  Now she’s got a handle on it, and also, it’s starting to look like all this sideshow with secret societies and such may just be universe dressing; it’s Frost who’s going to be this season’s actual villain.  So with our hero and villain now defined, it makes sense for us to get the back stories of both and learned how Not So Different they are.

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A ice flow on the Potomac

Took these two photos Sunday when I went walking in Old Town and reached the waterfront and the marina right outside the old Torpedo Factory, from where depart the tourist boats and the water taxi that goes to and from National Harbor, and where the rich people keep their own boats.

2016-1-30 Ice flow

2016-1-30 Ice flow2

Tomorrow the forecast is for rain and wind with highs gone into the 60s, and I will stop using my snow boots; I didn’t even really need them today.  Winter might be something like a two-week season this year…

What we can conclude from Europeans

Now that she’s not concussed anymore, the time out has done nothing: Gabriella Papadakis & Giullaume Cizeron remains our new French ice dance overlords whom everyone must bow down to and worship.  Where everybody else in the top seven at Worlds(which the Russians shouldn’t have much trouble making after all) will finish is anyone’s guess.

If she skates clean, the only skater with a prayer of beating Evgenia Medvedeva is Mao Asada, and she’d probably have to be perfect.  If she makes a single major mistake, on the other hand, things start to get more complicated; if Gracie put it together or Ashley rotated enough jumps, they would be capable of beating her in that scenario too.  And meanwhile, Radionova is actually quite vulnerable; that she skated clean and got the scores she did here indicates Asada, the Americans, and probably Miyahara are all capable of beating her if they put it together.  She’s favored for a medal only because they so often don’t.

Sport is cruel sometimes.  Florent Amodio had a dignified goodbye, but it’s got to hurt that he missed out on a medal by a mere point and a quarter.  Also, there is something seriously wrong the Brezinas, given how both brother and sister did in their frees.

Until Savchenko & Massot get themselves a bit more consistent(great skating and then too many mistakes; they truly are S&S redux!), we still desperately need that Volosozhar & Trankov/Stolbova & Klimov faceoff.  If the scores they got here are any indication, there’s no other team that’s going to beat them for a while, if indeed even Stolbova & Klimov can.

And moving over to the other side of the pond for a moment, NBC has no taste or sensitivity when it comes to their skating broadcasts.  Seriously, playing Nathan Chen’s season-ending injury as a matter of suspense like that when the show’s a week old and he’s already been announced as needing surgery and thus out?  Just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Post-Nationals Thoughts

If one must get snowed in by a blizzard, it’s nice to have U.S. Nationals to watch while the snow’s coming down.  Heck, it’s even thanks to it I was home to watch the short dance!  Although at one point storm coverage on NBC pushed it to an obscure non-HD channel that didn’t display right on my TV, but generally I’m more put out by IceNetwork freezing up so much, or going to low quality, to the point the score tracker wasn’t readable.  That was some tracker, though.  The ISU would do well to adopt it for international competitions.  It was also interesting to see for the first time how many non-jump elements also get flagged for review, although it seems that often works out in the skater’s favor-i.e., Nathan Chen’s final spin initially getting voided, then getting credited after all, which was vital at getting him that impressive 100 TES.

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