And we are underway

I was in tears late in this week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..  Mostly over Coulson visiting Mrs. Triplett, and trying to comfort her while still dealing with his own grief, and also visibly hardening, juxtaposed with first May’s speech about Trip, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Hydra, and then what he was causing to happen.  This show isn’t just getting angstier, it’s also getting darker still, and not just universe-wise.

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I might not make things involuntarily shake

But as someone with anxiety issues, to the point I’ve been medicated for them in the past? This clip hit home:

Her “please” is especially heartbreaking. It’s clear she feels she doesn’t really have a right to ask them to stop, except she needs them to. It also gives that “something very wrong with me” clip we’ve seen a thousand times a new level; you don’t have to make things shake to feel that way about yourself either; anyone who has upset responses to things where they don’t understand why they’re responding that way has thought those exact same words.
The Marvel movieverse may continue to have its race issues, especially with Mack’s future getting more dubious by the minute here. But the TV side of it, between Fitz and Daniel Sousa, has been very good on disability, and if they do this thing right with Skye, at least during these next few episodes before she presumably gains more control, they might be getting even better.

As the ice outside melts

Scattered thoughts:

I may need to take a trip to Britain just to buy this(mom was hoping to take one this fall anyway…).

I am totally not ready for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tomorrow.  Especially not when much of what’s been said about it in advance makes it sound like we’re in for more heartbreak(I doubt I’ll be ready for Age of Ultron in two months either)

Saw Mary Stuart at the Folger Shakespeare Saturday.  Impressive translation that makes it feel modern, and impressive performances from the two leads.  It’s running thru next weekend, but out performance was sold out, and I suspect the remaining ones are too.

NHL trade deadline today and I don’t even know what to make of the Caps and their crazy moves this weekend anymore.  Is it even too late for anyone to be going like this this year?

Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015

It is a time of grieving for Trekkies.  Nimoy isn’t even our only loss this week; we also lost Maurice Hurley, one of the primary shapers of The Next Generation, and creator of the Borg.  But more than anyone else, even Gene Roddenberry, there’s been a feeling that Leonard Nimoy is Star Trek.  There has been no character from any of the franchise’s many installments as iconic as Mr. Spock, no other character that has so transcended Star Trek and become part of a our general pop culture.  Roddenberry had to fight to keep him on the show after the first pilot, and thank the cosmos he won that battle.  Spock was the alien, the symbol of the great universe out there, that was different from everyone else, but was unquestionably a valued member of the crew, his different way of doing things enriching the group.  He was also a character we humans could still identify with, especially with his story of being of mixed race, and suffering prejudice as a result-a story all too familiar to Nimoy, who suffered from the same in his youth-being an inspiration to outcasts all over the world.  He was also out introduction to the Vulcans, a race vital in shaping the Star Trek universe, one that has always been there and always had their say.  And Nimoy, both by his performance and some of his offscreen influences on the character, played even greater a role in shaping Mr. Spock than most actors do.  Mr. Spock would never have been Mr. Spock without Leonard Nimoy.  Even when another actor took over the role for the reboot, Nimoy was still there to guide the new Spock on his way, and the new James Kirk too, and he more than anything else gave the movies the feeling that there was a true connection between them and all that had gone before.

That would be enough of an accomplishment for any man, but it wasn’t Nimoy’s only one.  He played other roles too, some of them remarkable indeed.  There was also his work as a director and as a photographer, and in the latter he made a point of photographing women with unusual body types and portraying them as just as worthy of being photographed as those who looked more socially acceptable.  And a poet; his final public act was to tweet some worthy final words to leave us with.

His was a long and prosperous life.  RIP.

Agent Carter & Star Wars:Rebels

Big franchises are where it’s at these days, and this winter I spent my Mondays and Tuesdays watching two TV series’ tying into movie franchises, both of them the second series of that franchise I had tuned into(In the case of Star Wars: Rebels I’d watched the premiere back in the fall, but missed the other fall episodes because they’d aired at the same time as Dancing with the Stars; thankfully they were all reran later).  They also chose to wrap up within a week of each other; Agent Carter‘s first season concluded Tuesdays, and the season finale of Star Wars: Rebels airs this coming Monday.  Both of them were quite good; in fact, I would go so far as to say both were better than the recent movies(although that’s an incredible thing to say in one case, and maybe not so incredible a thing to say in the other), and both have had me on the edge of my seat these final weeks.  And both were very much made for fans of the franchise, and gave them very much what they wanted.  And now it’s looking like only one of them might come back, which is really sad.

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 20, Cast Reveal

The twentieth season of Dancing with the Stars, promised to be a special event, the last one with Len Goodman, and meanwhile, we’ve already lost one of the big pros for the season; Cheryl Burke has gotten a new opportunity and is taking it.  Plus we nearly lost Derek Hough to the same thing, but apparently he really didn’t want to miss the ten year anniversary and they’ve worked a schedule out.  Besides Cheryl Karina Smirnoff is also out, but surprisingly, even with one less contestant everyone else from last season is here again, and, more excitingly, so is Kym Johnson, back for the first time in two years!  So who will these pros go once more into the breach with?

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