I watched just for Tanith and Ben

A pleasant surprise last night; I tuned into Skating With the Stars knowing I’d at least get one good performance, and then I got a second thanks to these two:

In a week when Rebecca, for some reason, wasn’t as enjoyable as she’d been(though her flip which actually cleared the ice pwned everyone else’s far easier jumps), Brooke Castile and Jonny Moseley came through big time, and when getting one’s hand sliced open is no small matter, though Brooke had to skate through some nasty injuries in the later years of her career already.  They were the only ones for which I really felt the love story, and they thoroughly deserved to take the lead.

Though I think had Keauna and Brandon gotten the chance to perform, they would have turned in a good one too; one could see the potential in the footage.  But after hearing bad luck had done him in, I was seriously worried, even after Laurie Ann did her level best to preserve them with her inflated scores(really, Johnny, I have to chide you with this one; you pulled out of Cup of Russia at least once with a bad stomach during your own formative years; you can’t throw stones at Brandon for that).  In Dancing With the Stars one needn’t have worried; viewers who normally wouldn’t have voted for them would have chipped in votes the next morning, and so they would have been granted passage to the next week.  But with the votes already in, would they really have been able to outdistance Bethany and Vince by enough.

Though it seems that the two of them had garnered fans enough.  If we believe some higher-up from ABC didn’t give the order that false results weren’t to be given out of sheer necessity.  Let’s face it, they could not afford to lose Brandon and Keauna, and even they had to have sense enough to know that.  So they got rid of Vince, which was probably for the best(they couldn’t make Bethany’s elimination believable at the moment!).  Though to be fair, if this show had more viewers, I would believe Brandon and Keauna had fans enough without any doubt; they have the ability to attract them if they’re there.  But are they?  I honestly don’t know.

One solution to this, of course, would have been to have a results show, though on the other hand, that would keep the celebrities from being penalized for falling, if the viewers delibrately voted to make up for it, and given the recent hullabaloo about skaters in actual competitions not getting penalized for falling(Patrick!), maybe it’s for the better.  Not that this has anything to do with ABC’s decision not to have a results show; obviously they didn’t think it could get the ratings.  Or they were worried about the implications of it probably being more watchable than the competitive show, since it would have filler like this, which I finally found a video for:

Okay, having Carrie Underwood singing in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’s kind of weird, but really, I had Tanith and Ben on my TV; I’m not going to fuss about the details.  Arguably it’s a throwback to the 90s, when famous skaters would often lend their talents to songs from Disney movies.  I believe they made a little more money, but at least these two are getting some of the exposure they deserve.  Maybe we’ll even see Melissa and Denis come back for a similar performance.  Might get me to watch happily again next week if that happened.


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