Grand Prix Finale

I didn’t even realize the junior events were starting today until someone tweeted about them an hour ago, so too late to do predictions over that.  Don’t really have many reactions because I’ve no way to watch properly, except that the Russians really seem to be cleaning it up.

Men: In truth, I don’t think I’ve fully mended the breach with the men’s competition I made last year.  Chan and Takahashi continually winning while falling down isn’t helping.  But Takahashi falls down less, so that’ll be Takahashi, Chan, Kozuka.  Or possibly Oda.  I’m having trouble caring.

Ladies: This field feels so crapshooty without Mao and Yu-Na.  But after her two comebacks, I’d say Miki’s in good position.  Carolina does seem to be doing better this season with easier jumps, so perhaps Miki, Carolina, Akiko?  It might be close between the last, Flatt, and Murakami

Pairs: The team that’s impressed me the most from what I’ve seen is Kavaguti & Smirnov, but of course they’re not here.  Though to be fair, I actually haven’t seen much of Savchenko & Szolkowy; I still haven’t seen their free(though I have seen her appalling costume, which deters me from seeking it out).  But Pang & Tong aren’t quite what they were last year, so Savchenko-Szolkowy, Pang-Tong, Moore-Towers-Moscovitch seems a good guess; I really don’t know about Bazarova & Larionov(except that they shouldn’t be here, because he should have been gone the full two years, which means they shouldn’t have been eligible for any event besides Russia).

Ice Dance: Davis-White, Pechelat-Bourzat, Bobrova-Soloviev.  Anticipating future cynicism however; if Meryl and Charlie do not win this, they will not win Worlds, and even Virtue and Moir might not when they come back.  The judges would love to give it to the French now that they’ve gone up a level.

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