Grand Prix Finale, Day One

Also, I’ve made an Olympic ice dance montage.  It’s available for download at

I saw more of the men and ice dance than I did the pairs and ladies thanks to my limited bandwidth; there was one extremely aggravating moment where my IceNetwork stream was frozen for most of Miki Ando’s program, and then started working again just after she finished!  Though things worked slightly better for the last three pairs, but only slightly.

For the record, I still think Bobrova & Soloviev are going to win that bronze.  But I will be very interested indeed in what happens with the two Canadian teams tomorrow.  It won’t matter much this year which one of them finishes in front, since Canada has three spots to Worlds and they’re both good enough to outdistance the up-and-coming teams.  But next year and after that?  They could end up in the direct competition with each other for the last Worlds/Olympic berth again.  Pechelat & Bourzat are starting to seriously wow me; I love that short dance of theirs and I’m officially rooting for them to win Europeans(can’t believe they’ve still never medaled there!)  But all the same, glad Meryl and Charlie are leading comfortably.

A men’s competition like this and I could get back into watching the discipline again.  At the beginning, I was close to blowing it off in favor of tweeting with people about the upcoming ads featuring Rafael Nadal in his underwear(which is worth another post; maybe later).  By the end, I was extremely happy I’d watched. Unfortunately I saw too little of Oda’s winning program for my liking, but I did see impressive jumps, beautiful skating, and scores that made sense!(My stream was frozen during both popped axels, which I can’t say I minded that much)  No idea what’s going to happen during the long, though.

Same goes for the ladies.  I actually have seen enough of Alissa’s program, now, to enjoy it(after IceNetwork’s broadcast I hit on the idea of opening up KeyHoleTV, where TV Asahi was showing it about half an hour delayed, and I caught most of her program that way); her high scores show how much respect the judges truly have for her.  Yet I really don’t know if she can at all deliver in the free.  The craziest part of this is there’s no gap here that Miki Ando can’t theoretically make up.  She can make up eight points on Suzuki if the latter doesn’t skate clean, eleven on Murakami if the latter doesn’t skate well, twelve on Carolina if the latter melts down, and even thirteen on Alissa if the last doesn’t skate better than she has at her last two competitions.  So it’s still not impossible for her to win this thing.  But she’d need a lot of luck, and I don’t think it’s going to happen.  Which leaves me with honestly no idea who will win, or even who will medal.

I will say one thing, though: my fantasy figure skating team is shot to pieces.  Moore-Towers and Moscovitch being in the back of the pairs doesn’t help.  Glad to see Pang and Tong have returned to their Pearl Fishers short(and I look forward to actually seeing Miki’s new short in a competition where she skates it better), even if Savchenko & Szolkowy were too good today.


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