Fedal Festa!

So the past two days have seen two tennis exhibition matches.  As matches they were nothing special: three sets, yes, but with each of the two players involved predictably winning on his home turf, things conveniently wrapping up in the second match before local TV would have had to change their programming, and not much showmanship, though whenever Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal play each other the tennis itself will always be worth watching.

However, that’s not all there was.  There were also Facebook photos and foreign TV footage.

Roger and Rafa

Like many a married couple, they've really started resembling each other now.

From the moment Rafa landed in Zurich, Roger started updating his Facebook like mad, determined to show us every moment of his two-day date with his Spanish beauty(seriously, I haven’t seen so many slash jokes since Evan Lysacek and Jeff Buttle’s throw axel from the 2008 Four Continents Gala).  And we, the Fedal fans, have been eating it up; it’s been 48 hours of nonstop squee on Twitter.  It didn’t hurt matters that Swiss TV was in on the act as well, with interviews, of course, but also just of Rafa’s arrival.  Apparently they did separate for Christmas shopping; no doubt they wanted to get surprises for each other.

Then it was off to Madrid, complete with Roger and Rafa photographed in the plane again, and more interviews, culminating in a sit-down appearance on Spanish TV, where the hostess officially proclaimed them “sports” married.  And it is true; their lives are forever linked, and they definitely ain’t doing anything to discourage that.  Cheers!  Raise your glass!

So in short we all have new material to grin over, the children of Africa have five million more going to help them out, and a good time has been had by all.  Well done.

Interestingly enough, in between all the tennis and photos and vids there were a couple of other pieces of tennis-news floating about, including one I’m suspicious about the timing of: Wayne Odesnik.  Personally I won’t even believe any names he’d name without corroboration or other evidence(especially when he was given a very good incentive to come up with names), and think the ITF announcing his suspension being ended when they thought we’d all be distracted by Fedal(fat chance of that!) is a low sneaky move on their parts.


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