Woolly Mammoth: A Girl’s Guide to Washington Politics

This year my parents and I revived an old New Year’s tradition; we used to go to Woolly Mammoth each New Year’s Eve for whatever play they were performing at the time, back when they were located in the Kennedy Center and the tickets got us into the ball afterwards.  With nothing in the Kennedy Center worth the atrocious prices this year, we went to their new location for A Girl’s Guide to Washington Politics.  I’m not sure why it was called that, though; since it was a musical revue led by no guide in particular, though of the five-person troupe performing it, four were female(But wouldn’t even that be the Girls’ Guide? Yes, I know, grammer nazi)

The skits performed were hit and miss.  Most of the misses, I’m afraid, resulted from them trying to counterbalance reality’s liberal bias; the program insisted on “bi-partison holiday chuckles,” but most of the knocks on Democrats relied on their failure to stand up to Republicans, and one point can only be stretched so far.  Contrast that with Todd Palin’s bro-to-bro conversation with a man sitting in the front row, one of the highlights.  Much of the show, in fact, was improvised and interactive; half of the second act even had them taking three prompts from the audience(abortion, John Lennon, and Columbia Heights for our performance), and building a musical skit around them.  Other highlights included an opera about Elena Kagan.  There was also an odd skit between a black doctor and a white nurse, where, because the only man in the cast was white, had both characters played by the opposite race, which was extremely confusing because it was only established that the doctor was supposed to be black and the nurse white halfway through the skit; that needed to be fixed.

The funniest skits were possibly the short ones; there were a number that were only a couple of lines long, involving SUVs, road rage, Joe Biden, and I don’t remember what else.  Though the one that made me laugh until I cried was the self-help woman who screeched at us to spend less.  Everything was extremely topical and up to date, and so saturated with pop culture references my parents didn’t get half of it; I suspect if this play were to revived, it would have to be completed rewritten.

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