I’m Still Watching Oscar Nominations

There was a time when I followed the Oscar race obsessively.  Saw all the movies, kept track of all the precursors, read lots of analysis, and eagerly awaited nomination morning and awards night.  Nowadays, not so much.  I think the beginning of the end was when Crash beat Brokeback Mountain, and from there I just slowly lost interest.  The only picture seriously involved in the race I’ve seen is The King’s Speech(my mom saw more of them!). All I’ve noticed this year is that the new thing seems to be everyone and their dog livestreaming the announcements, but it’s been tradition for me to watch it on CNN, and that is what I will do until such time as I get even that indifferent.

And the word on Twitter is that Christopher Nolan was snubbed, but hey, I was around back when Memento was barely acknowledged, and hey, at least Inception found its way into the Best Picture laundry list.  But the thing about ten nominees is that even though I didn’t know much about most of them, but the time the acting and writing nominations had all been listed out I figured the names coming up were a rendition of the ones I’d just heard, and I was right.

And now I’m wondering: has a host or co-host been nominated before?  There were often multiple hosts in the old days, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone of them were then, but I don’t know for sure.  Of course, Franco’s not likely to win, so that makes it easier.

For the big category nominees I was most pleased to see Geoffery Rush nominated; his brilliance in The King’s Speech I feel has been slightly overlooked.  Also Another Year in screenplay, which I saw this weekend, though that one needs to be nominated for sound too; the most effective thing it used was silence.  Oh, and Toy Story 3 also for screenplay!

Lessers up on IMDB.  Another Year not nominated for Sound.  Idiots.  Harry Potter and Alice get Art Direction and FX nominations, Alice gets a costume nod too, and oh my, I Am Love also gets a costume nod.  That was one I did not see coming, especially because if I was to give I Am Love a nod anywhere, it would be for cinematography.  Inside Job gets documentary nod.  Less interest for me than there was last year; less imagination, I think.

All the nods for The King’s Speech should have me watching, but I’m worried about The Social Network winning.  Because that would be old media rewarding the reinforcements of stereotypes about new media(and I’m against Facebook, but I feel I’ve a right to be against it).  And that would mean me resuming my old tradition of snapping the TV off in a fury right after the winner for Best Pictures was announced.  That was one I did not miss.


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