And they call their opponents the murderers?!

When it comes to right-wing legislation, especially anti-choice legislation, there’s bills/laws that you get indignant about, because intellectually you know they’re wrong, they’re going to screw women over and possibly result in them bleeding to death.  And then there are the ones that fucking scare you in the gut.  Which ones are which would vary from woman to woman, but quite frankly, I don’t see how anyone who can pregnant wouldn’t have the latter reaction to H.R. 358

That could be any of us dying on the hospital steps because they won’t treat us.  Women trying to have babies where the pregnancy goes horribly wrong.  Women who are raped where it all goes horribly worse.  Any one of us.  Throw in how it’s getting harder and harder to get an abortion before things take this turn and we’re all in more danger of it.  I’d like to hope any doctor with a real conscience(and not this “conscience” bullshit they spout these days) would do what must be done to save a patient, but quite frankly, I don’t have that level of trust in our society anymore.  And that they’d put that thing in the bill suggests they’re advocating the possibility of someone not wanting to, right there.  In a sane world, noone would even think a hospital would want that right.

I also don’t see how anyone can think the Republicans haven’t officially crossed the line and changed the debate so that it’s no longer about abortion.  Now it is literally about whether women live or die.  Right there, in black and white.  It was already if you thought about it, but you can no longer argue it away.

There’s plenty more plain scary in some of the bills that have come out of Congress lately.  All the “forcible rape” language(which, by the way, is not gone), for starters.  If rape starts getting legally redefined, that could hurt any of us(it could also hurt men as well, but there’ll be far fewer cases of that).

And now as the States get into the act, and I can’t help but think that the doctors(some of whom are even men) must be at least a little terrified by the latest from yesterday.  But more than that, this makes it clear, the anti-choicers aren’t even satisfied with indirect murder of women.  Now they’ve moved on to direct murder of their doctors, or anyone else helping them out(or, if you look at the law the right way, the women themselves again, since law doesn’t say the murder can’t kill the unborn baby as a side-effect.  Abusive men everywhere rejoice; if the bitch gets pregnant and tries to get an abortion, you can kill her and they can’t punish you!).

So, anti-choicers?(You forfeited the right to the title “pro-life” a while ago, and now you’ve really forfeited it).  You no longer have the right to call anyone murderers.  Except you yourselves.


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