Junior Worlds

Typing this as the pairs competition wraps up. I was mildly impressed there was any kind of coverage at all after last year, but it being held in Korea does have its uses. Except that I’m not watching because the software I would’ve had to download has been reported as risky, and in a week where my mother’s computer had virus problems it’s just not worth it. In fact, I’ve mostly slept through it, though the men’s qualification proved a good diversion Sunday night when the Oscars was boring me.

I am nonetheless very happy to see Charlotte Licthman & Dean Copely in a good position to medal; apparently Pukash & Guerreiro weren’t clean and that’s why those two pairs are so close, but a medal of any colour would be a great achievement for them.

And now Wenjing Sui & Cong Han have officially won, when there’s evidence they shouldn’t even be there.  Though they’re the only Chinese pair to compete in the end; not sure what happened there(If they actually get disqualified before next year’s competition, China will once again field only one pair, though as things stand now they should be back to three).  With nearly twenty points between third and fourth you almost feel like the podium’s full of ringers, but by anyone’s reckoning Sui’s too young for Senior Worlds, so what can you do?(But why did Takahashi & Tran feel the need to compete here?  Stolbova & Klimov obviously were in the stacked Russian field with nowhere else left for them to go, but Takahashi & Tran will have Senior Worlds)  Good on Ashley Cain & Joshua Reagan to be the best of the rest, though.

Pleased by the top three in men right now, but, um, could Alexander Majorov please not medal?  Cause that would be aggravating. kthxbye.  But really, everything’s up for grabs there; even Messing’s three and a half point lead over Dmitriev is nothing, especially with the rest of the top six within five points; any of those six could medal.

Just looked at the Ladies short starting order, and yikes, Courtney Hicks has to lead it off?  At least she won’t have to wait long for qualification for the free, the way Ross Miner did a few years back; maybe the qualification rounds do have their use after all.  Though a number of the other big contenders are skating earlier than expected, because they’ve only just become old enough or first gotten the opportunity to get their international ranking up!  Two of the three Japanese girls in the first two groups, and Liza T in the third.

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