What is Going on With the World?

Some of the world’s recent disasters are explainable.  All the political disasters and such, for instance, which I woke up this morning think I’d blog about, up until the moment I logged onto Twitter.  Also all the hurricanes, flooding, etc., can be blamed on global warming?  But what is causing these earthquakes?  New Zealand, now Japan.  Maybe there is some divine wrath being visited down on us, Mother Nature pissed off how much we’ve fucked up the world.  But it’s not like these earthquakes and floods are killing off the powerful people who are actually responsible for it.  Most of the victims are poor and powerless.  Japan is actually dealing with this better than almost any other country in the world would, because they’re so earthquake-prone they’re set up to deal with it, and being a first-world country probably helps too.  Right now, that’s all thank God for small mercies, but they’re small.

Meanwhile, on FSU, they’re debating whether or not Worlds should be held(ISU just announced on their website it’s still on for now UPDATE: announcement retracted, then replaced, again still on for now, but concern about whether the skaters can arrive).  There’s also notes on skaters in Japan who have been accounted for as safe, though no big list as I type this, and when some of the skaters are tweeting their concerns, so I’m making one:

All skaters in Sendai, included Takeheshi Honda & Yuzuru Hanyu-According to Honda’s twitter.  Hanyu was apparently at school when the earthquake hit, according to unofficial sources.  Ross Miner just tweeted he was glad to hear about his coach Nanami Abe and family, so they must be all right as well.

Nikolai Morozov and his skaters-Florent Amodio just tweeted; they’re in Fukuoka down south.  Amodio and Kim Lucine are now to fly back to France.

Shizuka Arakawa-tweeted earlier, assuring her fans she, her family, dogs, and home are all safe.

Fumui Suguri-Tweeting regularly.  Sadly, while she is all right, her grandfather has just died.

Takahiko Mura-tweeted earlier.

Akiko Suzuki-tweeted earlier.

Kanako Murakami-According to Japanese Yahoo, currently leading the Aichi Prefecture Figure Skating Championships in Nagoya.

Daisuke Takahashi-According to International Figure Skating’s Facebook; his manager confirms both his and Arakawa’s safety.

Nubuo Sato and his students, including Mao Asada and Takahiko Kozuka-According to the Detroit Free Press, which also confirms his wife is okay.

Nobunari Oda’ and his family-According to the Globe and Mail; he is still in Canada; his wife and child are safe in Osaka.

All of Mirai Nagasu’s grandparents-According to her Twitter through Sunday afternoon “even though a lot of their belongings are damaged and the walls are all cracked :(.”

Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov-came to Japan early, along with trainer Nina Mozer.  The Russian federation had trouble getting in contact with them, but they are reportedly also in Fukuoka, now also confirmed in the press.

Elena Glebova-Also in Japan, has posted on Facebook.

If I hear any more reports, I’ll post them here.


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