Dancing With the Stars, Season 12, Week 3

So the celebrities are asked to tell personal tales, and they all do tributes to their mothers/spouses/careers, and it’s all so emotional you feel yourself needing to forgive any technical mistakes or even falls.  Over the top cheesy or two hours of upliftment?  Depends on how much you can take, maybe.

It did help, though, that except for poor Wendy, everyone danced at least decently.  And from this ringerless crowd a few talents are really starting to emerge.  I have long believed Mark to be the best teacher among the pros and Chelsea’s samba yesterday stands as further proof of that.  Though Kym’s no slouch either, and now it appears Hines Ward will be more along the line of Jason Taylor than Micheal Irvin.  And as for Kirstie, well, she managed to pull out sevens in the third week for a dance with a fall in it, though I supposed they probably only docked a single point and she would’ve gotten eights otherwise.  Petra, meanwhile, won the night, but after last week I’m not sure if she might not be a little hit or miss; it’ll be interesting to see what Dmitri can do with her; with Mya, after all, he really didn’t have to do much.

Of course it was obvious Wendy was leaving, which made the elimination process kind of tedious(and what were they thinking, leaving Chris and Cheryl as the last ones standing there with her?  Did they think anyone would seriously believe there was even the slightest chance they were going home?).  But it was worth the rest of the celebrity-recorded footage for the lulziness of having a bare butt censored by a spinning disco ball.


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