Dancing With the Stars, Season 12, Week 4

So it was to be Classical Week in America’s most famous ballroom, and the enlarged orchestra was shown, the two performers introduced(though the soprano couldn’t have been that famous, since last night I dropped her name at dinner and dad had no reaction), they began playing Beethoven’s 5th, and right about then I found myself thinking that most of their audience will watch this cliched out classical showcase and actually find it impressive.

Knew it was Carmen as soon as I saw her costume.

It eventually turned into game of Identify the Music, some of which has even been heard on Dancing With the Stars before; in fact, the very first dance of the night featured Allegretto from the Palladio suite by Karl Jenkins, which Brooke Burke did her paso doble to back in 2008, without anyone making any remark on it; one wonders what she was left thinking interviewing Romeo and Chelsie about it, especially since hers was better.   Carmen’s March of the Toreadors, too, has been paso dobled to in the past, but at least Petra & Dmitri actually made it pretty memorable, mostly with her zealousness, but also with Bruno’s capping the segment off with his usual dramaticism.

Also, I hate to point it out, because I really did love Chelsea and Mark’s routine, but I was not expecting Harry Potter on a night like this.  Though Nino Rota’s Romeo & Juliet score is old and iconic enough to count, maybe.  And those two scores may very well truly have made their DWTS debut last night, as did, no doubt Delibes’ Flower Duet; it’s a real pity Kirstie had another mishap.  But that allowed Tom Bergeron to prove he is indeed the best host ever by his non-chalant holding his own shoe up during the closing.

Even if some of the celebrities were indeed idiots about the music, and Kendra apparently thinking “Time to Say Goodbye” has something to do with the mafia(that song being on the show by itself cracked me up, though, simply because so many skaters have used it), and really, why didn’t Louis give her a quick briefing on the lyrics?  Such a blunder and they deserved to go home, but these playboy girls seem pretty good at getting votes(Holly Madison definitely should’ve gone home a week earlier than she did), and we lost Sugar Ray instead, which is kind of sad, especially because Anna didn’t do half-bad with him.  Once again, however, they placed him at the end by a couple that noone in their right mind would believe was going home(has the top scorer of the week ever been voted off?)

At least I enjoyed watching this week, especially the second half.  Which is more than is likely to be said for next week, which looks like the exact kind of patriotic display that I find corny in the best of times, and downright offensive when you consider the way we’re currently behaving in certain parts of Africa(not to mention how we’re treating our own citizens in Washington).  I might just watch the playoffs instead.


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