Dancing With the Stars, Season 12, Week 6

You know, I don’t know if having a theme every single week is really necessary.  But you can’t not enjoy Guilty Pleasures week; the “pleasures” half of the theme ensures that.  Though I found myself thinking it was more a confession of what we were nostalgic for, starting with the opening of the episode up with Hanson, who certainly look better when compared to Justin Bieber, though really, they were his equivalent for younger millennials.   (Sure sounds weird to hear “MmmBop” transposed to fit their current vocal ranges, though!)  I spent the entire episode flashing back.  Everything from C&C Music Factory for my childhood(and New Kids on the Block on the results show tonight!  That’s my kindergarten and first grade years right there!) to Ricky Martin for my high school years, and in between, well, it’s all there, the first Britney Spears hit and Backstreet Boys tonight, and, of course, “My Heart Will Go On.” (Knew someone was going to dance to that.  Knew knew knew.)

It was largely nostaglia for the celebrities too, I think.  It’s no coincidence that the most recent song, the Ricky Martin, was danced to by Kendra, who still would’ve only been 14 when it came out.  And that can actually work pretty well; it’s no coincidence, either, that one of the two best dances was done by the guy dancing to something he loved so much as a kid:

Personally, this was hands-down my favorite of the night; the sincerity of it was just so strong.  I never thought this one-hit wonder whose song I hated back when it was on the radio could leave me breathless, but he did.  (I loved the instrumentation here too; echo of the sea). I think Chelsea & Mark might have gone overboard with the theme: I should have loved anything to “Walking on Sunshine,” because it’s one of my all-time favorite songs, and the dance was well executed; you can’t fault them there.  But the glasses and the expressions and everything were just weird.  Though poor Hines & Kym probably should’ve joined the tie for first; obviously after her comments Carrie Ann was only going to give them a 9, but I think both Len and Bruno expected the other to give them the 10 and didn’t want them ahead of the other two top couples.  Whoops.

Sorry Chris and Cheryl didn’t pull off the tango properly, because I really liked her choreography.  Even more sorry because this week, I don’t really want any of them to go home!  Again giving all my votes to Kirstie & Maks; from here on in I suspect they’ll need them.


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