Eurovision 2011

I really should be writing a review of the Met’s broadcast of Die Walkure, since that’s what I actually watched today, and thanks to a set malfunction that got an extremely lengthy show started late I didn’t get home until it was after six, just in time to load up the stream(no time to find a snarky BBC one, alas) and watch Azerbaijan win, but my brain’s still processing it.  Eurovision passes through the mind much quicker.  So comments on the opera must be slept on.  Comments on the songs, which I actually watched in order of performance this morning via YouTube, excluding Sweden, because I HATED their song, are easier.

One thing I noticed, even during the short time I watched, is I don’t think I saw any of the final countries give Azerbaijan a 12, but they all gave them something.  Which makes sense; the song is not one that inspires strong emotions, but it’s one you could sing along too by the time they gave the victory performance, and you don’t really mind hearing it again either.  Worse songs have won(I disliked last year’s winner; ironically I liked Lena’s song this year better), and it’s nice too to see Azerbaijan win it when they’re the personification of the Eastern European country that’s genuinely wanted and appreciated it.

Not bad for Italy either, riding Italian charm into second with their return.  In fact, all the pre-qualified countries did well enough for themselves(considering Spain never takes the contest seriously anyway).  But of course the person who skipped watching the contest live to see an opera broadcast was going to appreciated the good singing of the French submission.  Meanwhile, Jedward managed to ride their infamy to Ireland’s highest finish in ages and ages, but it’s got a be a considerably relief that they didn’t get higher than 8th; it seems Eurovision still hasn’t sunk that low just yet.

Still, a little dismayed by the low finish of Finland and Estonia; Finland might have been one of those songs that was too simplistic and maybe even too good for Eurovision.  Also was saddened Thursday when the Dutch song got so badly scorned; there were some fates it may have been deserving of, but not that one.  Same goes for Slovakia.  On the other hand, I think political voting has definitely been weakened; some of the 12s are still directed by it, but the results overall really don’t seem to be anymore.  Though perhaps we should figure out how many people in Eastern Europe know where Azerbaijan is.  They might genuinely have been more aware of that country’s existence then the west…


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