World Not Ending? Good, I have a Bourne & Kraatz Montage

Yeah, it’s not 6 PM here yet(or 7 PM, apparently the prophecy doesn’t account for Daylight’s Savings Time), but I figure if there were earthquakes going on in Asia, where it already is, it’d be all over Twitter.  So it looks like the world goes on for now, until such time as we humans destroy it ourselves with our own stupidity.(Maybe God decided at some point He doesn’t really need to bother ending the world for us?).

But I am glad, because I would have been quite put out had the world ended when I had just finished this skating montage.  I’ve been wanting to make a montage to this particular song forever, and after bouncing about ideas of who to make it of, I did one last listen and knew my original instinct of Shae-Lynn Bourne & Victor Kraatz was right.  This is the best I’ve felt about a montage I’ve made in a while.  I even considered putting this one up on YouTube, except I think the song might belong to WMG, so no go there.


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