Dancing With the Stars, Season 12, Week 10

And that’s it until the fall.  After the high drama of last fall this was a good, enjoyable, low stress season(well, except for the bit last week where we all got scared for Kym).  I’ve been given to understand the ratings have continued to be high, despite the lack of huge fame or ringers in the cast.  I’m glad of it.  And as for any accusations of a weak season, well, take a look at the three freestyles…

The kicker is that it’s very possible that for some slight difficulties of Kirstie Alley’s technical execution, we might have had three perfect-30 freestyles, and they all would have more or less deserved it too.    I was especially happy that all three of them had at least some creativity to them; I’ve often been less than impressed with freestyles that seem to be nothing more than fancy dance moves and lifts, even ones that judges have loved.  But that two of them would have something extra was inevitably, because both Kym and Maks knew that Mark and Chelsea would in all probability nail it, and to outdistance them in the most vital dance, they had to not only probably score perfectly, but even more importantly, they had to do something memorable, Kym & Hines especially, because Hines was expected to be a match for Chelsea technically in a way Kirstie wasn’t quite.  And so they did:

We thought Mark and Chelsea were good...and then we saw this.

Poor Kirstie & Maks, though.  If their finishing ahead of Mark and Chelsea was any indication, a perfect score in their freestyle might very well have won them the competition.  But at the end of the day, the half time show earned it, hands down.  Now Kym remains the only pro outside the Hough-Ballas conglomerate to win since they first invaded the series, and she’s done it twice; this establishes her as their biggest rival until further notice.

The highlight of the results show, meanwhile, was no doubt Chris Jericho’s wonderful impression of Bruno(with a brief nod to Donny Osmond), which was particularly priceless after Bruno’s spent the entire season growing more and more outrageous, to the point that I’m mildly concerned about how he’ll top himself next season.


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