The Dog Days of June

For the past week, probably longer at this point, the temperature each day has gone into at least the 90s, and more often into the hundreds.  I’ve heard of the temperature outside reaching 110 degrees and 112 degrees outside during the heat of the day.  Tuesday I actually was foolhardy enough to try to walk to my first summer class in that heat; I was lucky I didn’t dehydrate.  It’s impossible to function in heat that bad.  Meanwhile, word comes that it’s not that better just north, that temperatures went up that high in New Jersey and New York as well.  DC has suffered this kind of sweltering heat in August for years(I hate to think of how hot is might get then), but this early it’s still classified as unseasonal.  But for how much longer?  People used to dispute global warming because they couldn’t see the evidence of it, but now it takes the denialists much more energy, and the rest of us don’t bother.  It now corresponds with the world as we feel it.  If only that could actually get the government to do something.  But I think half the population will have to die of heat exhaustion first.

Thunderstorms are occurring in the area as well; there was one in the wee hours of this morning, and more are predicted over the next two days.  There’s hope tomorrow they might bring the high down to 87.

The nights have been pleasant though.  Perhaps in August people will start conducting all the business they can in the evening.

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