Middle Sunday

After swearing off tennis three and a half a month because I just couldn’t take the heartbreak anymore, I have recently found myself watching again, tuning into Wimbledon.  I cannot promise I won’t swear it off again as early as tomorrow(though I may have to not watch then anyway, thanks to the stupid ISU delaying the Grand Prix announcements; I had previously hoped to do my weekly vid today instead, but instead I won’t even be able to finish scripting it until the assignments are up), but for now, various first week observations:

Poor, poor Andy Roddick.  It seems especially cruel that as soon as he loses his draw seems to open up.  Now it looks like Deliciano will make it to Andy Murray to make him feel embarrassed at least off the court.

Poor Robin Soderling, too, getting hit by the Australian one-two punch and stomach problems(are Swedes vulnerable to being gluten intolerant?  Maybe he should talk to Novak). But it goes to show it’s hard to expand a big four into a big five.  Or a big two into a big three.  Or a big three into a big four.

Speaking of which, it’ll be interesting when Nole gets to the semifinal.  He no longer automatically loses when winning would ensure him a spot up the rankings, but the potential to clear the last hurdle could bring all of that back.  Especially after yesterday, when he started to show the first signs of wear and tear.

At least the roof’s finally proving of real use.  Guess when it comes to holding back rain at Wimbledon, even for the sake of irony, Mother Nature can only play games for so long.

I really hope next year Nicolas Mahut draws someone else for the opening round.


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