Cliche Music Count

At some point I want to sit down with the videos of one the Canadian summer competitions going on right now just to tally how many times I hear each of the various pieces of music that inevitably someone skates to.  Right now, sitting in my notes for the Cranberry Open for junior and senior ladies short programs, I’ve noted: Tango de los Exidos, Songs from a Secret Garden, Sherlock Holmes-twice, Once Upon a Time In Mexico, East of Eden-twice, Rhapsody in Blue, Dark Eyes, Minnie the Moocher, Cinema Paradiso, Zorba the Greek, Bohemian Rhapsody, the Waltz from Swan Lake(but not the Song of the Black Swan yet!), Chicago, The Mission combined with Miss Saigon, History of Love, Somewhere in Time, and El Tango de Roxanne.  No Carmen, Webber, or Puccini yet, but I live in anticipation.  Unfortunately I missed a good deal last night because the internet connection and bandwidth got less steady and I was feeling the effects of sleep deprivation.  Conclusion so far?  Of the various movie soundtracks debuted on the skating circuit last year, Sherlock Holmes might be most likely to make it into the pantheon of skating war horses, though I’ve vague memories of possible hearing an Avatar while watching the pre-Novice ladies in British Columbia Thursday, as well as more than one Be Italian amoung the ice dancers through both this and last week.

It’s also quite interesting to hear Rachael Flatt’s skating to Firebird while writing a passage of my latest novel that involves the same piece of music, which actually happened when another of the aforementioned pre-Novice ladies skated to it and I suddenly realized it could go a long way towards defining one of my characters.  Given the purpose said character was created for, she’s started to really take me by surprise.


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