So are they able to dance?

Monday night, when I first stared at the upcoming Dancing With the Stars cast lineup and started googling, I was not particularly happy about the Kardashian in it(and I’m still not).  But the more I consider that line-up now, the more I like it.

Especially because now Hope Solo is paired with Maksim.  Athletes like her are less likely to mind his training methods, and while I don’t know if he and Misty May could’ve won had she not gotten injured(Brooke and Derek were pretty hard to beat by the end of that season), it’s good to see he’s getting another chance.  Now the only question is how many Han quotes we can make work for Hope.

Well, really, I suppose the question is, since Derek’s gotten her, how good is Ricki Lake?  Her type of celebrity is unpredictable in the extreme, and so we may or may not know opening night who’s going to win this season.

Also now that I know more about Chaz Bono.  Ironically if it were not for the disgraceful reaction of certain DWTS fans to his participation I would now still be completely in the dark about his being anything other that Sonny & Cher’s kid; I didn’t know the story, and I don’t know if the tv show itself won’t ignore it or try to avoid mentioning it directly.  Okay, that may be too much for them to manage, but I wouldn’t put it past them to at least try.  Of course he’s gotten Lacey(they would give her him), and I do hope he’ll be able to dance.

Also amused we replaced the football star with another basketball star, since so many of them are available for the fall.

But poor Tony.  Much as I enjoy listening to Wilson Phillips, I have the sinking feeling he’s just been saddled with just the kind of impossible partner he so often gets stuck with.  Hopefully at least she wont’t behave as badly as at least one of them did, though.


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