Dancing With the Stars, Season 13, Week 1

So the show is back, the ballroom is bigger, Brooke’s last name has been tweaked, and there’s a lot of flashing light on the new set too, which I can’t say I’m entirely happy with; they make it feel more like a club than a ballroom.  And I must admit; half the cast managed to really surprise me.

Chaz & Lacey

Turns out his feet are light.

The best surprise of the night was definitely Chaz.  Of course we all wanted him to do well, but between his physique and his age is just couldn’t be relied on.  Perhaps, though, the knowledge that so many people wanted him to show the world spurred him to unexpected heights; the rehearsal segment definitely supported that idea.  In any case, now we can hope he’ll keep this up.  He’s said in at least one interview that he’s losing weight already, which should also help.  Ricki Lake’s said the same, and she too did well enough that on Derek’s arm she should go far.  I don’t know if the Ballas-Hough dynasty can resume its rule this season; neither has the kind of partner to make it easy, but not does either have the kind of partner to make it impossible.  Others who did better than I expected included the Kardashian(though my expectations of him weren’t very high…), and the one that personally made me happiest…

Chynna and Tony

I'm sure the producers didn't mean to give Tony this good a partner

Seeing a singer from an old group I loved so much surprise everyone and give Tony a chance at winning?  I don’t know if they can pull it off, but I’m starting to hope so.

Others were more as expected; I figured Maks and Hope would be good, and they were.  I figured Carson would be loads of fun, and he was.  And in a case where the star wasn’t half as anticipated as the pro, I figured Val Chmerkovski would want to debut with a bang, and he did, when Len was doing his spiel of his dislike of their intro, I don’t think anyone could really believe Val didn’t know he was going to piss off Len, or even, for that matter, that Len really thought he might not have known; there have been enough clashes between Maks and the judges over the years, after all.  He was probably hoping to Len to yell, and Len probably realized that and was refusing to oblige.  It’s a pity his partner had such difficulties, and I actually thought after the show he might end up going home his very first week; not the most auspicious of debuts.  Even if they were second to last from the bottom, I doubted she was going to bring many votes to the table.  But I suppose Maks’ fans threw him some votes, or some new fans liked his audacity, and so the basketball star went home instead.  It wasn’t very nice to make someone that tall start out with a Latin dance, but when by his own admission he didn’t take it too seriously, it’s probably just as well.


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