Dancing With the Stars, Season 13, Week 3

Tell the truth, last week I actually enjoyed watching downloaded footage from Battle of the Blades more.  Maybe it’s that I inevitably enjoy Canadian music even when it’s bad(maybe especially when it’s bad).  Meanwhile, week 2 the DWTS performances were mostly nice to watch, but there were none that stuck that much with me.  Maybe that’s inevitable when, as Len said, the most entertaining celebrities were the worst dancers(and just when you think he must make an exception for JR and Karina, he accuses them of doing the wrong dance! 😀

But of course this week was “personal stories” week.  I’m not sure the “Year in the Life” idea really took that well, though the best three dances certainly made it work.

I must admit, I wasn’t quite so blown away by Ricki and Derek as everyone else seems to be.  Equal to Tony & Chynna and JR & Karina?  Okay, sure.  But beating out both of them?  The other two were simple too good for that.  Maybe for Chynna & Tony you can argue her rumbaing wasn’t the absolute best I’ve seen on the show, but for JR & Karina their technique was as good as the rest of it.  If any of the three was to take a lead over the other two, even if by just a point, I’d say it was these two.  When during the results show, they included footage of a clearly emotional Karina thanking him during the dance’s last moments, it says it all:

Thank you.

And for Chynna & Tony, there’s something magical about watching someone dance like that to not only one of her own songs, but one so personal to her.  I’ve always loved the song “Hold On” and now I love it even more.

Thank you, too.

On the other hand, I’m starting to get worried for Hope and Maks.  Last week I actually blamed it on the music; that song ruined Marissa’s jive too last time they used it on the show.  But these two just aren’t being as good as I was hoping.  In the show’s last minutes I was even worried Maks was about to fall victim again to the Week 3 curse that plagued him at one point.  And certainly Kristen & Mark weren’t the team anyone predicted to go home.  In fact, they were a bit clever with the eliminations this week, calling the first couple that sprang to mind, Chaz & Lacey, safe early, to get out heads spinning immediately, and just when we were thinking about David & Kym being in the bottom two the previous week, calling them too(that they didn’t reveal who was second-to-last makes me suspect one of those two couples were).  But at that point it did seem to be Kristen & Mark, if only because, as Louis van Amstel noted in the blog he did, her dance didn’t seem to have much of a story to it, so it was the most forgettable of the week, and when they probably weren’t going in with the biggest built-in fanbase, they could not afford to be overlooked the way they were.  Shocking as it seemed in the moment, in retrospect they’re being out is all too explainable.

So now the question, unfortunately, is how much longer Chaz & Lacey can last?  Since tea party-style spamming is no longer possible, if they don’t close the building score gap, viewer votes will only hold them up for so long.


One thought on “Dancing With the Stars, Season 13, Week 3

  1. I’m not impressed by Ricki/Derek. At all. That jive they did the other week… I have no words for it, other than “odd” and “ew”.

    JR/Karina seem to be the team to beat this season, and Chynna/Tony could really challenge them–but only if Tony steps up his choreography. I love Tony, but I find his choreo rather uninspired about 75% of the time. (His and Chynna’s jive was good and the only thing that really saved it was that Chynna sold the heck out of it when she danced.) It would be a real shame if they got eliminated before the finals because I feel they’re definitely finals material, and I would be beyond thrilled if Tony won his first mirror ball with the beautiful and graceful Chynna as his partner!

    That said, I’m really hoping for the three aforementioned dance teams as the final three, with either J/K or C/T winning it all. 🙂

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