A little bitter right now

It really is disappointing. For three glorious weeks, I thought there might be a new winner this season, and that it might even be Tony. Now Tony is gone, and it doesn’t look like it would’ve mattered that much in the end, because it looks like Derek is going to win yet again. And I’m not sure you can even cry “Ringer!” the way you could with his last two victories(not that we were complaining when it came to Jennifer, because we were all so relieved Bristol didn’t win, but then again, that’s Derek’s luck; all the tea party spam managed to clear the field of their top challengers by the final).
At least this week’s dances were entertaining, and it’s just as well now that the lowest scored one was the most delightful to watch:

And next week at least there is 80s music to comfort us. But I suspect it’ll be another week I’ll enjoy Battle of the Blades more(though poor Kim and Russ. I amazed they ended up in the skateoff when at the top of the leaderboard, I mean did everyone assume they didn’t need to vote for them as much or something, but when the final elimination is decided on the programs alone, what can you do?).


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