Dancing With the Stars, Season 13, Weeks Whatever I’ve Lost Track

I suspect I might not be blogging to the end of this season.  I might not even be watching; as early as next Monday I may instead be joining my parents going to Opera in Cinema(though maybe not, since much as I appreciate Don Giovanni seeing it twice within days may be a bit much).  But 80s and Broadway weeks deserve various reactions:

What can you do when the Kardashian’s actually a good dancer?  Well, maybe not go tricking Beliebers into voting for him the way Kim Kardashian apparently was idiotic enough to go doing; I mean, it’s not like she needed to!  Though I don’t know if this talk about disqualifying him is called for; did he ask his sister to do such a thing?   I am still mad at him for certain nasty claims he made earlier this season I am highly skeptical of, but not for this.

Much as I love Maks, I wish he would cut it out.  Especially since it’s going to get them voted out unless he and Hope dance their shoes off next week.  Maybe even then.  Fans don’t like when contestants go off like this; Derek’s own outburst back in season 6 pretty much sealed his and Shannon’s fate the following week(though to be fair, I’m not sure they wouldn’t have been voted off anyway).  I’m amazed they survived this week with only a point over Chaz as it is.

I’m a little more sympathetic to Cher’s indignance on her son’s behalf, though.  I suspect Bruno’s used to saying what he wants and not worrying about how it sounds, but maybe his outrageousness is finally reaching the point where a slap on the wrist would do him good.  Though much as I will miss him and Carson both, it was genuinely time for them both to go.

Say what you want about Nancy Grace; her partner rocks.  I really liked his choreography he did in the rumba, and the coconuts this week were priceless(of course, he was lucky to land the Monty Python song, but still…).  I hope he does many more seasons.


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