Dancing With the Stars/Battle of the Blades, Halloween Week

It seems it was the year for reality TV contests to go overboard for Halloween Week.  Seriously, seeing Jeremy Roenick in full devil makeup, no matter how appropriate a reflection is may be of him, is just weird.  The judges were more right in their evaluation than the fans want to admit.  Especially with Tessa and David; they really did have their rough spots.  And when the public isn’t voting for the two couples that really were the best that week, well, that’s just sad.

I was a little annoyed at Dancing With the Stars too, if only for using an obvious trick to get us to watched Scared Shrekless like that.  Okay, it was amusing, but it’s still wrong to trick the audience like that.  Also, I was worried at one point my favorite dance might end up being the Kardashian’s, though as one person noted on Twitter, it’s not entirely fair he got to tango to the Addams Family while JR had to struggle with a Ghostbusters tango.  But then, for the first time in a very long while, I actually enjoyed watching one of the team dances:

Guess “Bring Me to Life” isn’t going to be associated with Evan anymore.


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