Favorite Performances of the Grand Prix

One from each event:

From Skate America:

Really wish they had medaled. Stupid tariffs. It says enough in how close they came to make the difference up in GOE.

From Skate Canada:

Wish they’d scored this one higher too, but hey, she medaled in the end. More importantly, she put paid to the idea she can be written off just yet. And I really love this short program. She sparkles in it.

From Cup of China:

Even with the mistakes, I was trembling at the end of this. My dream is for him to skate it perfectly at Worlds and win(hey, if Chan makes enough mistakes, it can happen, right?)

From NHK Trophy:

Hard as it was to chose between this and Daisuke Takahashi’s two statements, Mao’s is the one that resonates the most. Mildly surprised it didn’t win, though that was a decision that could have easily gone either way.

Trophée Eric Bompard:

Just for the sheer delight of seeing a clean program in a competition that sadly lacked them.

Rostelecom Cup:

Took ’em three tries but they finally did this program justice(okay, there was one mistake, but that didn’t really matter). They skate this way at Worlds and it’ll be four titles.


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