So. Johnny’s coming back.

I’m actually surprised.  His whole evaluation process definitely didn’t sound like a reckless one.  Of course, maybe it was.  Or maybe, at the very least, he thinks he really can make a third Olympics.

If he were to compete in next week’s Nationals at the same level as he skated at the 2010 Olympics(which I think he genuinely can get back to), and if he were judged fairly(a much bigger if, I’m afraid), I think he would probably beat everyone competing except Jeremy.  If Dornbush or Rippon had the skate of their life, maybe not, but the latter’s having issues and the former isn’t quite at that level yet.  Though Jeremy I think would beat him if he skated at all decently; he’s passed his level, plain and simple.  On elements other than the quad.

But next year, of course, will be more complicated if Evan indeed comes back too.  And Evan’s comeback I still buy more than Johnny’s, if only because you can’t fake the level of effort he’s put into it already; he can’t be doing all that hard work for nothing.  What’s more, he will be on the World team next year if he does if the USFSA can at all get away with it.  Bottom line: Johnny has to really hope Jeremy & whoever get that third spot back in Nice(if Jeremy for any reason does not make the world team, obviously the third spot won’t happen).

And then of course, at the international level, it seems a pretty big ask to get anywhere near the World and Olympic podiums.  Though reading his statement over, it might be he’s just accepted that, and he’s coming back for himself, rather than for that.

Whatever the case may be, I hope if he’s skating on NBC next year, they show at least one shot of Vitya in the stands.  That alone would make the whole thing worth it.


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