Four Continents So Far

Thoughts on the singles:

OMG Ashley! But for the two-foot monster she would’ve won the short! Suddenly a medal at Worlds doesn’t seem far-fetched at all. But then again, neither does a Japanese sweep, because OMG Kanako! Even if this wasn’t the best of ladies’ competitions outside the top three, it is making Worlds look exciting. And Caroline getting that 3loop-3loop ratified, though I think it was a generous panel; lots of level 4s too.

Quite frankly, was relieved when Patrick Chan stayed on his feet in the long(though you could see on that lutz he was simple refusing to go down again), because by then there was no way he wasn’t going to win anyway and at least noone can dispute he thoroughly deserved this one. Heck, you have to give him props just for skating that well in a night when everyone else was falling to pieces around him. Well, except for Ross Miner, who continues to win bronzes at competitions where everyone else fumbles, and have wide-eyed reactions that make you love him for it. And Misha Ge, who was the most fun to watch, even if his downgrades kept him down. Devastated for Jeremy Ten, though, and when he needed a good competition here just to get back into the Grand Prix properly.


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