Why is it always a pair you don’t want to lose?

Since the ISU put a stopper on my newsvid, I’ve been taking a bit of a break from following skating; I even shelved the new figure skating novel I’m working on now for a week(during which the lead character made a new revelation to me that could make or break my will to continue; I don’t know which).  Then last night the news hits of this big disappointment.  It’s neither the first nor the last time such things happen, of course, especially to U.S. pairs, and there was always the worry of her getting too tall for him anyway, but Ashley Cain & Joshua Reagan definitely wasn’t a pair anyone wanted to lose.  There’s speculation of his teaming up with Caitlin Yankowskas, as one would expect, but that’s not a piece of news I want tomorrow; Caitlin deserves better than the kind of partner who would pull a John Coughlin on his former partner for her.

Ah well, we’ll always have Moon River in Russia(and Dr. Zhivago at Nationals, but thanks to the USFSA that’s not on YouTube):


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