Dancing With the Stars, Season 14, Week 1

And they’re all good.  I’m not sure that’s ever happened on Dancing With the Stars, that in the first week, that everyone was easy and enjoyable to watch.  Not all of them were quite so good with the technique, and that may be the factor to separate them later, but everyone was good overall, and as was said multiple times last night, it’s a good thing we get a second week with all of them, and you kind of wish for three(I have the sinking feeling, by the way, that despite being far better than Monica Seles Martina Navratilova won’t last any longer than her).

No runaway frontrunners, certainly.  Two contestants arrived with the their technique already good enough to stand out from the four-point cluster everyone else is currently crowded into, but we can’t assume they’ll stay there, especially should some of the others improve(and there probably will be ones that do).  Though here I must say one thing: no matter what Carrie Anne might claim, Elizabeth Jenkins did not do the best first week dance ever last night, and no, that’s not because Jaleel White did instead after her.  Kristi Yamaguchi still holds that honor, as well as I believe that record, kthxbye.  But best overall first week ever?  Yeah, pretty much.

Personally, my favorites so far are Roshon Fegan and Chelsea(and no, Len, I don’t care about the hip hop), but that’s just me; it’s so subjective which of the dances you want to give the accolades to:


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