New Pairs!

Of course there’s been video footage of Caitlin Yankowskas & Joshua Reagan out for a while, but that was an obvious tryout to have for them both, and we couldn’t assume anything; as her story this year noted, a pair can skate together eight years and still bail on it.  But once the announcement is officially made, you can be fairly confident a partnership’s happening.  And whatever fears there might have been when Cain & Reagan abruptly ended, it genuinely looks like this was done above board enough.  This would’ve been wonderful enough news, but the complete unexpected news is Taylor Toth’s got a new partner too, and it’s a skater who this definitely opens great new hopes for:

It's a match!

It was hard the way things went for Kiri Baga this year; 10th place at Nationals and no spot on the international scores list is hard to recover from, especially with the ladies field in the U.S., a cutthroat place even in the recent “weak” years(and now we’re getting top-heavy again).  But if she proves a good pairs skater, she might just do very well for herself there.  And when Taylor Toth is one of the best people in figure skating, it’s good to see two such people look for success together.

Now we just need a partner for Ashley too, maybe a slightly taller one since she is on the tall side, and Donlan & Speroff to not split anytime soon, and we’ll have a pretty good pairs field, all thing considered.


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