Dancing With the Stars, Season 14, Week 2

And the cracks were bound to show.  They were there last week, no denying it; it was just they were kept to a minimum and made up for.  But in the second week, there was bound to be a bit more fumbling, some of which personality could still cover up; when the celebrity’s singing along like Sherri was; she can make a pretty obvious mistake and get away with it no problem, and some of which will doom you hopelessly.  Poor Martina.  These dancing with celebrities shows just aren’t good for tennis players.  Interesting they are now showing the bottom two again, and Karina and Gavin are in it; even after winning the trophy she’ll never be a big getter of votes, and while he’s an artist you actually still here on the radio, I think his current hit has been overplayed on the radio a bit too much.

Some, on the other hand, got better.  I actually don’t think Len undermarked the football player last week; his technique was questionable then.  But this week he got rid of a lot of that.  Same with Jack Wagner, though he didn’t benefit in the scores nearly as much as he deserved.  But it’s Katherine and Mark who are rising to the occasion so far.  It was a bit odd, since I could’ve sworn that song was a mambo song back in Season 6, but Mark did much better choreographing a jive to it now than Derek did then:

Derek’s certainly doing okay with his own partner too, but if the Hough-Ballas dynasty is to resume this season, I think it’s going the be the Ballas half taking it back up.


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