Until the final minute of tonight’s show, this post actually was going to get delayed until tomorrow, so I could get YouTube of Anna and Jonathan capping off “Personal Stories” week in perfect fashion with their own tribute tonight.  But now to commemorate their going way too early, I’ve got to put her up with her celebrity partner instead:

One of the most joyous sambas this show has seen(though in the fashion of this season, was completely matched in joy by Roshon and Chelsea!) and getting straight 8s in week 3. Most seasons the very idea of that not being enough to get a couple to week four would be absurd, but, well, this is not most seasons. Though I’m not entirely sure the whole “Personal Stories” thing got conveyed as well as it did in seasons past; there were a couple of dances that seemed only tangentially related to the story they were supposed to tell. And then there were cases where the song itself was more important than anything else, but at least one of those wrecked it by the folly of turning “Material Girl” into a rumba. “Material Girl” goes weird when it’s turned into a rumba. Granted, the rumba performed was wonderfully danced and deliciously sexy, but all the same, “Material Girl” should probably not be done as a rumba. Those dances that kept the feel of the song and artist(Roshon and Chelsea again!) worked far better.


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