Dancing With the Stars, Season 14, Week 4

So it’s Rock Week, and personally, I think the whole motif with the big hair and ballroom revamping overdoes it a bit.  And when this year we were treated to a shot of Harold Wheeler in KISS makeup, I especially thought so!  Some may ask why in the middle of all this rocking we had a pair Viennese Waltzing to an American Idol winner, but I think the producers realized we needed the break.

Roshon & Chelsea in fact arguably lucked out avoiding the paso doble and tango when everyone else had to do them in heavy leather, except William and Cheryl maybe, and they had their own difficulties anyway.  And with that happening it’s not that surprising the scores went down a bit; the paso’s considered one of the hardest dances, to the point that yes, sometimes even the pro will mess up the end of the routine, and the tango isn’t easy either.  Though Donald & Peta were an obvious exception to such peril; as Brooke noted, football players tend to do well with the paso doble, despite the difficulty, because it suits their normal habits so well:

At least one man was in his element tonight.


And Maria and Derek got off pretty lucky too, but really, that’s just Derek.  He’ll always manage that somehow or other.

A bit more divide in the scores now, and we’ll have to see at the lower end if being a point behind everyone else will be fatal for Gladys.  Meanwhile, I hope Melissa’s okay…


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