Dancing With the Stars, Season 14, Week 5

So the show was going along, and most of the couples were doing fairly well, kind of thinking maybe Katherine & Mark should’ve gotten a perfect 30 but oh well, and it looked like Derek was having fun(or maybe just aiming to land the encore dance). I was actually getting distracted by that whole mess with the Caps, as well as reading on FSU that Denney & Coughlin may be doing Phantom of the Opera next year(which says all anybody needs to know about *that* team).  And then this happened:

You see this with Cheryl sometimes, if she gets the right kind of sexy partner. But if we thought she and Gilles Marini were good, well, I don’t think any woman watching this could do so without feeling at least a little faint at the end. There have been very few “bad” dances this season, but this might be the first truly great one. Unfortunately, it seems Len just wasn’t in the mood to give a 10 this week.
Was a little nervous for Roshon the following night, but it seems he had enough fans to rally when he certainly deserved to be kept high, and then when the only two couples within five points of them managed to keep out of the bottom two as well, there wasn’t much poor Gavin & Karina could do. One suspects even if there hadn’t been the duel they still would’ve been the ones going home, though, and it least it let them go out on a very respectable note.


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