Dancing With the Stars, Season 14, Week 6

The problem with these themed weeks, and having guest singers both nights, is that there’s a lot of danger of it become about the music stars, and not about the dancing, and that isn’t good.  And that definitely happened last night.  When it comes down to it, we did not tune in to sit through Smokey Robinson or the Temptations stand there and sing for 15 seconds before we get our dancing, especially not for every single song.  Making us sit through the four annoying white dudes covering all the songs was even worse; at least the actual Motown singers are people who’ve earned the right to be featured.

Though choreographing genius that he is, Derek found a way to work with it:

Adore her dress too, but that’s another story. Real pity with the mistakes, but it’s all so delightful you barely care. Same went for Gladys & Tristan, for whom all the showcasing of Motown was actually appropriate, what with it being her history, and I suspect that this week’s number, when all is said and done, with be considered the best of her dances. Making the marathon themed was a creative way to bring it back, too. And while the top couple won it as is usual for the marathon, some of the early eliminations were pretty surprising. Also really not good for Roshon & Chelsie; between that and their rumba issues, good bet they’re in the dance duel this week. They should count themselves lucky there is a dance duel, though, since there’s a pretty good chance they’ll win it. I don’t envy whoever gets stuck in it with them.

Meanwhile, is Len ever going to give anyone a 10? One supposes the overall rise in quality this season has sent his standards up, but he has to sometime…right?


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