I should go to FSU daily just to check the Russian thread

As I have toyed the with the idea of returning with an audio podcast version of This Week in Figure Skating the Sunday after the Caps finish their season, I have begun each week with gathering the news again, until sometime in the second half of the week said team makes their season certain to last beyond the coming Saturday(against the Rangers they may very well lose the first three games, then win next Saturday to give me another week!).  Though quite frankly, the rush of Russian news is giving me a headache.  Bobrova & Soloviev to Zhulin?!  Sinitsina & Zhiganshin reportedly moving to Samuelson & Bates’ old coaches, except the source of that news is unreliable?  Riazanova & Tkachenko getting choreography from Shilband and working regularly with them?  Mishin’s students except Plushenko getting choreography from David Wilson?!  In fact, are any of the big Russian skaters going to get choreography from within the country?(Shilband doesn’t count). For all the Russian reporters claim the North Americans are bringing ice dancing down, the skaters are following their lead.

And wow, would Japan actually confer on Mervin Tran something they’ve never done for anyone?  Yes, the country is skating-mad, but the implications of giving him citizenship…if he takes it, of course.  This isn’t like with Yuko Kavaguti, where she’d been living in Russia for years; he’s still in Canada, and would have to become an alien in his own country.  Meanwhile, taking a wait and see approach on this whole Yuzuru Hanyu to Brian Orser thing; I like them both, but not sure if I’ll like them together.

Unfortunately the split of Charlotte Litchman & Dean Copely isn’t much of a surprise, but who’s left in the lower U.S. ranks right now?  I’m not even sure we’ve heard of any new teams either, though with the number of new single ice dancers now floating around they probably will manifest.

Up North, shamelessly looking forward to Piper Gilles & Paul Poirier’s Mary Poppins SD, while sad to lose Battle of the Blades.  Hope some other network picks it up.


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