Pottermore so far

I signed up for Pottermore a couple of weeks ago, when it opened for the general public, and as ThrestralPotion11131 have now slowly made my way through the process of the first book, getting Sorted into Ravenclaw, which was definitely appropriate, and getting a spruce wand, which was definitely not(my wand is ill-matched with nervous natures?  Really?).  So far I’ve enjoyed all the artwork, both for the site; it really is very high-quality and well done, and even the fanart(I’m tempted to dig out some of my own old drawings), but especially the treasure hunt for new information about the universe.  Though a couple of times I’ve failed to find it and had to click the links at the end of the each chapter, which makes me grateful that ability is there.  But really, it has been fun, tracking down the right objects and even the chocolate frog cards to click.  I was especially impressed with Minerva McGonagall’s backstory; I hadn’t thought Rowling would be that daring on such a website, to tell such a tale of such an unhappy marriage.

I haven’t gone for the spellcasting & potion making so much, though.  Partly because I’ve proved hopeless at the former so far; it took me ages to get through the third floor door(and I was then very put out when there wasn’t so much as a galleon to collect!), and the latter felt more like a hassle than anything else, though I haven’t tried brewing anything for real yet; I bought some ingredients but then decided to wait until I’ve picked a few more up.  Those I think will be much more appealing to the site’s younger users.  Or maybe just those users that are used to playing computer/video games.  On the other hand, I finally solved Snape’s potion puzzle myself(though I checked my work against Hermione’s before clicking on anything).

Next, I assume, should come Lockhart’s backstory, but I’m hoping for more info about the Founders.


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