Dancing With the Stars, Season 14, Week 8

After fourteen seasons, the producers are finally starting to admit that the pros are now often more famous than the so-called stars they’re dancing with, and that’s probably why we’ve gotten trio numbers, because it means things like Chemerkovskiy brothers(with as many shots of them shirtless as they can manage) and extra chances to see eliminated pros, and even showcase dance troupe members that might eventually get promoted to the pro cast.  

But I’m not sure the pros themselves entirely liked it.  And not just because there was so much struggling with the sync that kept anyone from getting a 30(and I think they wanted some pair too; that feels kind of disappointing, that noone produced anything at that level at such an opportunity). Annoying as I found the Donald-Peta-Karina “dude with two hot chicks” jive personally, it seems they were the only ones who really knew what to do with the format.  I noticed the other numbers all had the second pro off the floor for a large segment to make things simpler, except for the Maria-Derek-Henry Byalikov Bollywood routine, and Len was right: it wasn’t much of a samba.  Derek does get a little too creative on occasion.  Fun to watch, though, no denying that.

But either way, Derek is doing it again with Maria, as became clear last week when they netted that elusive first perfect 30 of the season.  Though I actually think they would’ve deserved it more with this week’s Viennese Waltz, even if Len(of course) had to refuse us.  I saw her derided on Twitter for crying, but I think she’d earned the right to here:

I actually saw a lot of complaining on Twitter about the scores. Much of it retweeted by one user, but still, it seems people really think Donald & Peta are being underscored. Which might just cause them to win, if they can at least stay close enough to the other two couples in the final, because I really think this season’s winner is going to be decided almost completely by the viewers, unless there are major fumbles in the freestyle; otherwise the scores should be too close to matter.

That is probably also why good scores couldn’t save Roshon & Chelsea; it seems with the other couples all attracting viewers, they just couldn’t get enough votes. Maybe if her choreography in the trio hadn’t fled from the obvious homoeroticism…but maybe not even then. I suspect the final elimination being done on pure merits these past couple of weeks are the only reason they even got this far. Painful as it was, neither elimination last night was that much of a surprise; it was arguably past time for Melissa and Maks to go too, though it’s hard to complain about the chance to see the Chmerkovskiy brothers doing that trio with her.

But William & Cheryl’s perfect 30? Absolutely deserved. Mildly worried he’ll be the one to go next week, though.


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