Dancing With the Stars, Season 14, Week 9

Sorry guys, you had to do better than that.

Several times in the past, I have wondered if the any week on Dancing With the Stars has ever seen the highest scoring couple of that week eliminated.  Well, guess at least one has now.  If ever it was going to happen, it would be under these circumstances, with the scores close enough for it to not make much practical difference, and Derek being vulnerable to this kind of shock elimination when the show starts closing in the last week; he went out this way with Kim and Joanna as well, and when he’d done one of his most memorable numbers with the latter too.  It’s only getting worse the more success he has and the more certain viewers resent him for it.  But it’s pretty unfair that it happened here, when this is one season where he certainly was handed no ringer, and proved beyond any doubt he doesn’t need one to make his partner one of the top dancers anyway.  Quite frankly I think he and Maria should’ve bagged 60, especially since once again, IMHO, the better of their dances is the one they didn’t get the 30 for!  Though while the argentine tango was worth enough of it, at the same time, one can hardly blame viewers for being turned off by Carrie Anne’s “best ever,” comment; that was definitely an exaggeration.  She needs to be more careful in the future.

Though the dance of the night, sadly, would’ve probably been Katherine & Mark’s salsa if things hadn’t gone haywire for them in the last moments.  Seriously, before then, they were blowing everybody else of the ubertalented field off the floor.  If she can recovered well enough for next week, losing Maria & Derek leaves them pretty much the judge’s favorites going into the final, though as I said last week, I think Peta & Donald have the advantage in votes.  However, she’s only one of the final three pros untested in the freestyle; despite one season where she blew it, Cheryl and Mark both have proven track records.  It’ll be either the freestyle or viewers that determine this one, but the question is, which?


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