Dancing With the Stars, Season 14, Week 10

At the beginning of the show, I was holding out hope that all three couples would end up with perfect 90s, but I suppose Len, at least, had raised his standard a little too much for that.

Seriously, any other season and Cheryl and William’s freestyle may well have earned a perfect score, and would have been even more likely the winning freestyle. Len did have a point in his criticisms, but most seasons that wouldn’t have mattered. It was only this time around that noone could afford to have any weaknesses, and Cheryl and William’s freestyle seemed spectacular only until Katherine and Mark broke out the singing, and Donald & Peta broke out the country. Which is a pity, because my personal favorite dance of the finale was actually their cha cha:

Though even then, of course, the one point difference in scores pretty much meant nothing, and between the final two, as it had last season, it definitely came down, after they both did out-of-this-world freestyles, to who people felt like voting for. Though probably Donald & Peta had an edge even from their freestyles, though not as much of an edge as they no doubt had from his being a football star while noone in the U.S. knew who Katherine Jenkins was before Dancing With the Stars introduced her, or even, if my twitter feed was any indication, from suspicions on the parts of certain people that Katherine & Mark were being unfairly favored, or Donald & Peta unfairly disfavored, or both. Who knows if that’s true, but it certainly didn’t determine the winner if it did.

Meanwhile, an All-Star season sounds like a great idea in theory, but there’s a terrible rumour going around they’re trying to get Kate Gosselin to come back. Which is just…no. I don’t know if Tony’s under the kind of contract where they can actually force him to dance with her again, but I hope he walks out of the show when he can if they do; they’ve certainly put him through enough already!


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