The coachocalypse to end all coachocalypses

So, about 72 hours or so since the news first broke and turned the summer upside down, what we know so far: Igor Shilband was kicked out of the Arctic Edge in Canton.  The rink manager claims it was because Marlie, Voir, and the Shibutanis all went to him because they were mad at being neglected and said “Him or us.”  The timing of the firing would be weird were that the case, since they’re all apparently on vacation at the moment.  Charlie White’s mother denies it and says it’s a power struggle between the coaches.  Comments from the Igor & Marina themselves back the latter claim up, though Shilband might have genuinely been spreading himself too thin.

The big three teams all staying with Marina in Canton, unless Skate Canada’s twitter is lying about Virtue & Moir.  No word on what their other teams will do.  Shilband looking for another rink in the area, talking as if he will have someone following him out.  Claims of difficulty Marina had with his coaching two teams without her involvement, one said by message board gossip to be “an up and coming dance team who will likely represent a small nation in preparation for 2018 PC, rather than 2014 Sochi.”  The other team may be something similar.  Piseev trying to lure Shilband back to Russia, Alex Gorshkov more realistically hoping he’ll spend more time coaching Russian teams sent over to him.

Oh, and people suddenly remembering that Marina apparently has a history of bad behavior and did something similar in costing Stanislav Leonavitch Gordeeva & Grinkov, and might have even originally stolen them from Stanislav Zhuk(though if have of what Gordeeva says in My Sergei is true, they wouldn’t have needed anyone to turn them against the latter!)  Also much ranting about college and the quality of Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto’s programs under Natalia Linichuk, and there was hope for the Marlie-Voir rivalry to suddenly turn into a proper hate-filled feud, but with it establish today both teams are staying in Canton, at least for the moment, it seems they haven’t stopped playing nice yet.

I think that’s all.  For my own part, I’m a little anxious about the overall results of this for North American ice dance.  Can Marlie & Voir really stay on top without Shilband, with all three Russian teams regrouping to put pressure on them, Nathalie Pechelat & Fabian Bourzat still about, and even Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Pojé getting too good to be ignored forever?(I would love to see them be them to be the ones to come out of this the big winners, though I know the odds.)  On the other hand, as those two teams indicate, if Zueva can’t do it, there are Krylova & Carlemango not too far away to pick up the slack of supporting the continent’s best ice dance teams.  And where do Cappellini & Lanotte fit into all this?  Will they become Shilband’s new top team(If they do, that might just be the last piece they need to get into the top tier)

To commemorate perhaps the most glorious chapter of a saga of team teams, and looking forward to the new mix of music in the junior SDs next year, I was going to post a montage here.  But I’ve just discovered WMG is blocking it.  Feels like an ominous sign.  And my second choice of montage has been made private.   Not having any luck here. So I’m going to have to  end this post with this Virtue/Moir montage I’ve liked recently:


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