Saw Brave today

My brain’s still processing it, so there probably won’t be a full review here until next week.  For now I will say it’s a good movie, so is the short before it, and don’t trust the trailer; it’s nothing like it’s advertised.

Also, I was dreading the commercial breaks during the Olympics when I started realizing I’d have to endure all the political attack ads, but after seeing this before the movie today, I think I shall be mollified if there will also be commercials of minions doing gymnastics:

I noted while watching both this and the trailer for The Hobbit in the cinema this morning that they’re really making these movies nowadays to depend on the 3D, to the point that even in the 2D they’ll animate it to short-of include the extra dimension.
I probably won’t see the movie, though. I didn’t see the first one. I’ll just watching whatever various minion vids I spot on YouTube.


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