As we celebrate the 4th of July

Let us take a moment to think of those in and around our nation’s capital today left without power.  Dominion Electric actually has a grid online which shows all the places in Virginia still without power.  There were too many even yesterday, and the storm last night probably didn’t help.  I’ve been relatively lucky, only having to do without power through Saturday.  When I went into work Monday, it was to swap stories in the elevator, with people on whether or not we’d lost our power and how long we’d lost it.  I know at least one person who fled to a hotel just to get a hot shower before work; others I’ve heard of coming in early for the various amenities(that of course assumes the power is working in an office building; mine happened to have its own generator).  Things are apparently worse in Maryland.  I remember when I was young, one of the various things we recorded off the TV happened to record a Pepco commercial, in which they vowed that they cared and they were “connected to you by more than just power lines.”  Too cheap to be connected to anyone by underground lines, apparently.  I’ve heard of people going without power for as much as two weeks!

At what point can we get someone with even a mite of power to stand up and say letting people be without power for two weeks is unacceptable?  Especially when we’re hitting record temperatures outside and it’s to the point it can cause health problems.  My dad was already having them by the second half of Saturday, and that was from only one day!  What are the power companies going to say when someone dies of heat exhaustion because of their negligence?  It’s all too much something that can happen.


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