An open letter to the design staff on Pottermore

Dear Design Staff,

I am aware that you expect your audience to trend young.  That you understandably take exceptional measures to protect everyone on the site is indication enough of that.  I understand that such users will find things like casting spells and brewing potions and trying to keep Aunt Petunia’s pudding up in the air for 14 seconds appealing, and that there will be a lot of this on Pottermore.  That’s fine.

But as you are no doubt aware, there are a lot of older readers of Harry Potter as well.  Some of us started reading as adults, or some of us started reading when we were young and then grew up; remember this series has been out nearly 15 years now, and there’ll be a good deal of nostalgia users on Pottermore as well.  Because there are plenty of adult users that get a lot out of the site; we are getting the beautiful graphics and the memories, and especially all the new information.  We have been waiting patiently for the Founders backstory and your impression of the Chamber of Secrets, and the exercises we must complete are mostly obstacles we have to get through to get those.  And they can be fun, sometimes.  But only if they don’t take us too long.

And your garden gnome game?  I finally gave up after about half an hour in disgust.  It seems impossible to even get the gnomes to go in the right direction, and you can’t even be bothered to give us some advice on that.  And now I can’t go on, and I am very angry.  Heck, the way that exercise is, I doubt even the kiddies are enjoying it anymore.  I’m sure some of them are crying right now because they can’t go on either.

In short, you need to put in some provision in to let us skip these things if necessary.  Maybe a mercy rule, so that if we try it ten times and still fail, we can be scolded by Mrs. Weasley and then allowed to proceed?   It should not be necessary for us to spend hours and hours struggling at this.  That is not a good use of our time.

Yours Very Sincerely,


P.S. Do be so good as to update your feedback form so I can make this complaint properly.  Believe me, your adult users notice such negligence, especially if they have something to complain about.


2 thoughts on “An open letter to the design staff on Pottermore

  1. I got stuck somewhere in Chapter Three and got frustrated I couldn’t skip ahead and couldn’t figure out what I missing in order to proceed.

    I was pleased to be sorted into Hufflepuff though. HUFFLEPUFF FOREVER MAN!!

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