In addition to my gymnastics post on Wednesday: what’s wrong with Gabrielle Douglas’ hair? It’s perfectly nice hair. 

Wished they showed more archery. I suppose I should be grateful to The Hunger Games for getting this much of it on TV, but I was interested in it as a kid and would love to see all of it shown, the way they’re showing swimming prelims instead. Amused it’s being held on Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Yesterday was the reason it’s worth it cheer for and suffer through Roger Federer and Andy Murray both, why I’ve persisted even while being reduced to desolation when they’re both playing badly, bristling as the media sneers at first one and then the other, crying in front of the TV through Mandy’s last two slam finals, wondering if he’ll ever win a slam, and then wanting to die when one goes too far with Juan Martin del Potro & the other has to play Novak Djokovic, and I can’t even follow properly and have to keep a normal face on because I’m at work. Because eventually, they’ll both win their Olympic semifinals and you know one of them’s going gold and even the other will walk away with the silver. I was walking on air for a few hours(at least until IceNetwork ruined everyone’s day. Grrrr.). Kind of sad to hear Maria Kirilenko’s blowing her best chance to medal(because the doubles is impeded by both American pairs, really Liezel, can’t you win when I actually want you to?), but ultimately, I can ask for no more from tennis this year.


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