2nd Week of the Olympics

Saw less this week, between being too tired at night to stay up as long, and NBC not even showing anything before I go to work by the end of the week.  Left me quite put out to see the rhythmic gymnastics qualifying happening on my Twitter and being unable to watch, while knowing NBC didn’t even have anything else they were showing in its place.  Finally got it in 15-20 minute increments in between other things this afternoon, and I wish there had been more of it.  Loved the two Russian women, though, their ribbon programs especially.  And the Korean girl’s ball program.  And that she idolized Yu-Na!

It’s been a week, and I’m still not entirely sure the fact that Andy Murray is Olympic champion has sunk in.  Maybe it will by the time the US Open rolls around.  Every now and then I think about it and feel vaguely happy, but that’s all.  I’ve been feeling quite proud of the country my parents left long before I was born but we all still keep a very keen interest in.  As well as the women of my own country; I care less how many medals the Americans win in general but it’s definitely very nice to see the women do so well.

I’ve been more aware of Maria Kirilenko winning bronze, though, if only because of her boyfriend’s reaction, leaving me in the very awkward position of suddenly finding him adorable.

Right now I don’t entirely know what to make of poor Carolina Kostner’s doping boyfriend juxtaposed with her own withdrawal from the Grand Prix.  Not that I believe he’s lying when he insists she had no involvement or knowledge, but I think this is going to cause her more turmoil than her agent wants to publicly admit to, and that the withdrawal may very well be because she’s going to have too much to deal with off the ice, especially if it does come to legal charges.  As for whether he was doping longer than he admits,  in all likelihood we’ll have a better idea of that later(though if he was, her not knowing becomes less likely, though still plausible enough; I’ve read there are cyclists who dope for years and even their wives have no idea).  Rather amused by race walking in general.


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