A few photos

While spending four days this week wandering around New York City, I actually didn’t carry my iPad around nearly as much as is typically assumed people do, mostly because it was a pain to do so, especially when I was so worried about thieving.  But I had it with me Monday morning, and of course, I had it on the train.

A train that on the way there at one point slowed to a stop and dropped power in the middle of nowhere, while outside my window was a pool of water with bared and broken trees in it, even with the other trees around all still green.  It was the sort of moment that demanded a photo:

Rather ominous moment, actually.

Fortunately, the train got going again quickly enough.

Monday morning I learned I would need sunscreen when I went to the US Open Wednesday, so I started walking down the street hoping to hit a drugstore.  Instead I hit Central Park:

Morning with the sprinklers on.


At least it provided the opportunity for some more photography:

Eventually I emerged from the Park, by now hopelessly lost.  I eventually found the Met Art Museum, which is closed on Mondays, & the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, which is not, so I went into the latter.  The Guggenheim does not permit photography in its galleries, though does allow it in the lobby.  Though I saw nothing worth the effort, until my plans to leave the museum after seeing everything were stalled by a torrential downpour and my not having my umbrella with me.  I wasn’t the only one, the lobby was crowded with people killing time with iPads and iPhones, and staring out the window, a sight I thought deserved to be recorded:

My fellow trapped patrons.

And I took some photos of New Jersey on the way home:


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