I did watch Lake Placid. Some of it

And I am getting madder and madder at IceNetwork.  First finding they have no ability to be streamed on an iPad, so I couldn’t watch most of the shorts in Lake Placid, then when I got home from New York and could stream them, found there was too much freezing, crashing, and sound issues for a service that has cut what it has available so drastically without lowering their prices.  Things don’t improve before the end of the season and I may try to cancel even with things being the way they are in skating.

Because of this, I wasn’t able to properly watching the free dances of either Russian team; I’ll have to watch them on YouTube at some point.  Though what I did see of Kosiginia & Moroshkin impressed me with their improvement, mistakes my stream was frozen during notwithstanding; that Michael Jackson free really will be something once they sort that lift out.  Alexandra Aldridge & Daniel Eaton, on the other hand, I saw all of, and I wonder if maybe they impressed me a little too much last year.  Of course it’s their first JGP, but I somehow expected more from a Fiddler on the Roof free.  They seem to have steadied their way to this win, and they could’ve blown everyone out much more, I think.  The two teams I actually enjoyed watching the most were actually Andreanne Poulin & Marc-Andre Servant showing why they’ve done so well at Canadians where they tend not to make the mistakes they so often make internationally, and as much of Madeline Heritage & Nathaniel Fast as I was able to see…

For the singles, certainly the two winners were very good(though with Farris, it’s painful to reflect how just too damn crowded the U.S. men’s field is right now, there it seems there just wasn’t room for him in the Senior Grand Prix), and it’s always fun to watch someone climb up to the podium from eighth place, with a performance like Angela Wang’s especially, but poor Kiri Baga, if the USFSA follow their extremely stupid policy of reserving the right to refuse a second assignment to whichever American girl finishes behind two others.  She deserves better than that.  Unless she decides like last year to focus on Sectionals, but if she wants a second event, she ought to get one.  A little sad for Michael Christian Martinez missing making history for the Philippines by so little, but that he got so close it very promising to it happening eventually.

Also, this seemed a pretty disappointing event for the Russians.  Their singles skaters had chances but blew them, their couples were supposed to win, with a strong possibility of multiple medals, but all made too many mistakes.  I heard a complaint on Twitter about Vasilisa Davankova & Andrei Deputat not getting a deduction for the “robbing banks” clip, but Katarina Witt did something similar at least once, and really, it’s too entertaining to mind.  Or would be if they’d skated it cleaner.  Quite amusing to instead see Margaret Purdy & Michael Marinaro, after their past consistency difficulties, to come out and own it with The Artist:

Best time I had this weekend was watching this number.  Though that may have been partly because the stream worked all the way through it…


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